If “General Hospital” weekly spoilers are to be believed, it looks like one character will be meeting a tragic fate. Right now, it seems like it could be either Jason Morga (Steve Burton) or Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). The show teased a surprising twist that saw Shiloh Archer (CobyRyan McLaughlin) kidnapping Sam. This makes it entirely possible that the writers are setting up a tragic death for either one of these characters. Here is what you need to catch up on in the latest “GH” spoilers.

‘GH’ weekly spoilers: Who’s gonna die

Before this week’s “General Hospital” weekly spoilers, it can be remembered that Shiloh’s main motivation for kidnapping Sam was because he caught her trying to steal a flash drive from his motel room.

The flash drive, which contains Drew’s (Billy Miller) memories, can be Shiloh’s best chance of accessing his money stashed in Afghanistan. He will then use the money to gain custody of his son Wiley.

But then Jason came into the picture. Once Shiloh took Sam, hostage, he had some demands for Jason if he still wants to see Sam alive, according to Daily Soap Dish. He believed that he can gain access to Drew’s memories if he can find a way to transfer the memories to Jason instead.

In a recently released teaser video for upcoming episodes, Jason is seen putting Shiloh on chokehold because he desperately wants to know where Sam is. This could result in a possibly fatal confrontation between the two, which could result in either one of them or Sam dying.

The official Twitter handle of the show recently posted a promo with the caption "If you ever want to see [Sam] alive again, you're going to do exactly as I tell you."

Watch the promo below to get a sense of the “General Hospital” spoilers in this article.

‘GH’ Spoilers: Neil and Alexis cut-off professional relationship

Meanwhile, a different kind of heartbreak is seen between Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Neil (Joe Flanigan).

Neil, who serves as Alexis’ therapist, emotionally opened up about the death of his daughter. This outpouring of emotions happened in an elevator during the anniversary of his daughter’s death.

This presents a major problem for Neil, who eventually approaches Alexis to tell her that he no longer wants to be her therapist. But it looks like Neil and Alexis will see each other again as they are undeniably attracted to each other.

Overall, the show is getting interested with each passing episodes. Will the show ultimately kill off one of the fan favorites in this long-running daytime show? Which between Jason, Sam, and Shiloh will ultimately take their final bow in the series? Is there a chance for Neil and Alexis to kiss and make up?

Fans can surely expect a lot of twists and turns in the upcoming episodes of “General Hospital.” For more updates, stay tuned with us.