Soap Hub and Soap Dirt both say that the Forrester men will turn on Brooke this week on "The Bold and the Beautiful." It all stems from what took place at the end of the episode on Friday. Hope's mom arrived at the cliff house just in time to see her son-in-law manhandling her daughter at the edge of the cliff. Brooke rushed over and stood between the couple and when Thomas reached towards her daughter Brooke lightly pushed him. It looked as though she simply wanted to keep him away from her daughter, but as Ridge approached, he saw his son go over the cliff and end up on the beach below.

Rumor has it that the dressmaker will accuse his wife of deliberately shoving his son over the embankment. When Thomas wakes from a coma, it's possible he will say the same.

Hope knows what happened between Brooke and Thomas

On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Thomas will end up in the hospital in a coma and his worried family will be gathered around him. Liam will have to tell Hope to save her pity and remember all that terrible Tom has been up to. Detective Sanchez had been investigating the accusations that Ridge and Taylor's son murdered Emma. There are three witnesses who know that they did. All of this, however, will be placed on hold as the Forrester heir fights for his life.

Brooke will no doubt be outraged that her husband could think she was trying to kill his son, but Ridge is grasping at straws.

Eric Forrester's son is looking for anything he can cling to that will give him hope where his child is concerned. He eagerly set things in motion so that Dr. Reese was apprehended and this week Flo is going to be arrested.

Xander and Zoe were fired, but Ridge can't accept what Thomas is accused of. "B&B" rumors suggest that when Tom wakes up he may also accuse Brooke of attempted murder, but he and his dad are forgetting that Hope knows exactly what took place on the cliff.

Ridge and Brooke's marriage may end because of Thomas

Prior to the incident at the cliff house, Ridge and Brooke argued about the role Thomas played in keeping Beth a secret.

When Detective Sanchez began asking questions, Ridge downplayed his son's activities but his wife was forthcoming about how unhinged she believes her stepson has become. If Ridge and Thomas have Brooke arrested, it will not absolve all the damage Steffy's brother has done. Eventually, "B&B" will have all the secrets come to light and Thomas Forrester will have to pay for his crimes.

"B&B" rumors indicate that this will take a toll on the "Bridge" marriage and the couple may go their separate ways. Brooke could end up with Dollar Bill again as he is gunning for Thomas to be prosecuted for keeping his granddaughter from him. If Ridge turns his back on his wife, her former spouse will surely champion her cause. The CBS daytime drama may revert to form and have that familiar love triangle going again, so stay tuned.