Whatever it takes, Sheinelle Jones consistently shows that she's ready for any challenge that her role on NBC's “Today” requires of her. The fourth hour of the morning favorite is undergoing a brief period of a staffing shortage. Hoda Kotb is still soaking up every second of her maternity leave with her growing family, including her partner, Joel Schiffman and their two adopted daughters. She shared proof of the sandy family fun this morning, August 18.

In a delightful photo, Haley Joy Kotb is covered in sand and giving a quizzical look to Dylan Dreyer's two-year-old son, Calvin.

“Every minute is precious,” captioned Kotb. The “Today” anchor will be making an announcement tomorrow regarding her return, so faithful fans will be holding their breath. Jenna Bush Hager has barely started her time away after the welcome of baby Hal to her brood.

Sheinelle Jones has no time nor reason to hold her breath. Born in Philadelphia, but a proud product of her schooling in Wichita, Kansas and Northwestern University, the news anchor is 4’11” dynamo of energy through her morning shuffle between “Today” hours. She normally hosts the third hour of today, along with Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Dylan Dreyer, and this week, she has been pinch-hitting on “Hoda & Jenna.” While the namesake hosts are handling diapers, feedings, and bedtimes stories between doing all the normal duties of motherhood, Jones is at the helm.

Sheinelle Jones is an expert at juggling her work and motherhood, too, making sure that her three kids get lots of love and support from her and her husband, Uche Ojeh, no matter their demanding schedules.

This morning, Sheinelle Jones was in fine form again, showing the hosts of “American Ninja Warrior” that waking up early is hardly the toughest part of her job.

Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila drive the spirited narrative for the television competition meant for the everyman, and woman. What the pair could not have predicted was a pre-show challenge from Sheinelle Jones, requiring a dash to this set in high heels.

Ready, Set, Go

Those who tune into only the fourth “Today” hour might have missed the run to the set by Sheinelle Jones and her familiar guest hosts.

The proposed course was easy enough, by the sound of it. She and the gentlemen had to go from the makeup room to another small room, where they would slip into high-heeled shoes, and make their way to Studio 1A.

The process was like falling off a log for Jones, who was flawless in every step, literally. For her counterparts from the athletic competition, however, just getting out of their regular shoes and into the property-fitted heels was an ordeal. They all made it to their assigned seats, but Sheinelle was far more graceful than her guest hosts, even the NFL veteran, Gbaja-Biamila. By the way, she also flawlessly pronounced his last name, without a hitch. That is a pro.

“This is what I do every day,” Jones affirmed.

“You really have to sacrifice for beauty,” Iseman asserted.

Pretty fine fringe benefits

When it came to caring the conversation, however, the guys proved their capability. They gushed over the “American Ninja Warrior” competition success and were particularly proud of the journey made by tonight’s female contender, Michelle Warnky, is a trailblazing personification of all the competition hopes to inspire and is set to become the first ultimate female champion on “American Ninja Warrior” since 2014. She has accomplished much of her progress in front of her home town crowd in Columbus, Ohio, and was the first to start her own “American Ninja Warrior” gym. Fans will have to tune in tonight to see the final outcome-- TV land is terrific at building drama.

Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila had a much easier time getting fitted for tuxedos, as they related to Sheinelle Jones. The guest hosts were also privileged guests at an NBC Emmy nominee soiree, and they were delighted to hobnob with their own TV heroes, like Ted Danson, who described that waking up, getting down the stairs, and to the kitchen table was his own “American Ninja Warrior” competition every morning.

Sheinelle Jones certainly found out that even prime-time hosts can be fan guys. Gbaja-Biamila was elated over the news of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s marriage to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian. He and Iseman predicted that Johnson and his bride will be an example of “what a good marriage” and good human beings can mean.

Iseman teased that he had never seen the softer, “Dr. Ruth” side in his partner.

“Marriage is hard,” Gbaja-Biamila related from personal experience, but “it can be done.”

All kinds of softer sides and shoe styles were shown this hour of “Today.”