The aftermath of the baby switch continues to cause problems on "The Bold and the Beautiful." According to latest rumors, the news will soon reach Eric and Quinn who have been not on screen much in recent months. The couple will find they are bin disagreement just like Ridge and Brooke. Wyatt is livid with Flo and broke up with her when he heard what she had done. His mother, however, will let it be known that she sees things from a different perspective. Quinn will shock her husband’s family by saying she understands why Shauna’s daughter felt she had no choice in the decisions she made regarding Beth.

This may cause the head of the Forrester clan to kick his younger wife to the curb.

Quinn shocks the Forresters

"The Bold and the Beautiful" baby switch reveal is taking a toll on yet another marriage. Ridge and Brooke are being torn apart because they disagree regarding the role Thomas played in current events. Now, Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Eric and Quinn will also disagree. The entire Forrester family will be shocked when the woman who is married to their patriarch says that she understands why Flo went along with Dr. Buckingham.

Quinn says she is able to relate to being in an impossible situation with your back against the wall. She also knows what it is like to have everyone against you.

This will be a bold stand because of the entirety of the Forrester, Logan and Spencer clan are outraged that Flo kept quiet that Beth is alive. Wyatt, no doubt will be furious with his mother when he hears her point of view. Eric and his wife have not been active in current "B&B" storylines, but now they may be front and center.

'B&B' baby switch brings more sorrow than joy

The "B&B" baby swap reveal should bring joy to everyone who hears that Liam and Hope's baby is alive. Instead there are hard feelings and anger overshadowing the good news. The Forresters will be happy for Hope and Liam while rallying around Steffy who had to give up the child she had been raising.

Only Wyatt's mom is going to side with Flo and Shauna. This will outrage her husband and the rest of the family and cause problems in her marriage. In the beginning, Quinn stood by Eric but now, taking her own stand against him and his family may cost her dearly.

On Thursday, Eric and his spouse gathered with the Logan sisters and Ridge to share in the joy with Liam and Hope. After a short while, Quinn excused herself saying she had somewhere to go. She more than likely is seeking Shauna and her daughter to hear their side of the story. Wyatt's mom preferred Flo over Sally so she naturally does not want the situation to look too bad for her friend's daughter. Be sure not to miss Friday's exciting episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" to see what happens next.