Rumors for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that a tragedy will unfold related to Thomas, Douglas, and Hope. The drama will take place at the cliff cabin as Ridge and his wife rush to intervene. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Brooke's attempt to save her daughter will end in tragedy. Previous rumors suggest that there may be an altercation with Liam, and Thomas may go over the cliff. Whether the Forrester heir dies or goes to jail, his son will end up without either parent. This may cause various relatives to believe the boy would be better off with each of them, Hope, Dollar Bill, Steffy, Taylor, and Ridge may each believe they have valid reasons to raise Caroline Spencer's little boy.

No love lost between Thomas and Douglas

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has been building tension between Thomas Forrester and his son for quite some time. The little boy overheard his father say that Phoebe is really Beth and when he questioned him, dad said to keep his mouth shut. Instead, the child told Liam that his mom said he should always tell the truth. He followed this up by telling Liam. Hope, and later Steffy that Phoebe and Beth were one and the same. When Thomas found out what his son had done he yelled at the child over the phone, Douglas promptly told his dad that he was mean, while Liam and Steffy were nice.

CDL and Soap Dirt indicate that this coming week, things will escalate between father and son, and Thomas will scream at his child for ruining his plans.

This will take place at the cliff cabin where the Forrester heir will try to convince Hope to give him another chance."B&B" rumors indicate that Liam, Brooke, and Ridge will show up and a tragedy will ensue. The implication seems to be that Ridge and Taylor's son may fall over the cliff. However Thomas is stopped, there seems to be no love left between him and his son.

Douglas may have people fighting to care for him

"B&B" rumors have not yet addressed the issue, but should Thomas be apprehended or perish, there may be a lot of people seeking custody of his son. Hope is the child's stepmother and the two have been bonding ever since the little boy came back to LA with his dad. She believes it was Caroline's wish that she is the one who will raise Douglas.

Ridge is the boy's grandfather and his guilt over how Thomas turned out may cause him to want to make it up to his grandson.

Taylor could also swoop in and proclaim that her son's child should live with her. Steffy who just gave up Phoebe may decide that her nephew could fill the void in her life. Dollar Bill Spencer who has been mild-mannered lately on "The Bold and the Beautiful" may even throw his hat in the ring and decide the is the best person to raise his niece's son. Stay tuned because there surely will be more to come on this subject.