Previews for "The Bold and the Beautiful" as well as rumors indicate that the roles will soon be reversed for the two women in Liam Spencer’s life. For months Hope has grieved for the daughter she was told had died. She also felt an intense connection to Phoebe and sought as much time with the little girl as possible. Now, it will be a distraught Steffy on the outside looking in and dealing with the loss of a daughter. She is also going to lose her brother and possibly Liam as well. The next few months will be like a miracle for Brooke’s daughter but Taylor will be grieving for both of her offspring.

Steffy loses Phoebe

A preview for an upcoming "B&B" episode shows a tearful Steffy looking at Hope, who is finally holding Beth as her own child. Steffy desperately cries out to Brooke who s standing nearby asking her to please not let her daughter be taken away. Soap Hub says Hope and Beth may be reunited as soon as Tuesday. On Monday Liam finally got through to Hope and she accepted that their daughter did not die. Now they have the painful task of getting Beth away from the only mother she has ever known.

Viewers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" have been waiting for this family reunion for quite some time but now that it has arrived it will be bittersweet. As Liam and Hope were hugging on Monday to celebrate the good news, Thomas ran away.

He had a helicopter that was supposed to whisk him and his new bride to parts unknown. He now will be boarding alone. This leaves little Douglas without either parent and Steffy must live with the evil her sibling has done. Soap Dirt suggests she should also take Shauna to task for ruining her life.

Beth is where she belongs

"B&B" rumors don’t indicate who it will be, but someone has to be the bearer of the bad news to Steffy. She and Ridge don’t believe Liam and they definitely don't want to hear anything from Hope. Perhaps Wyatt will get Flo to admit what she had done. Hope obviously fills her mother in, based on the fact that Brooke is in the room when Hope gets Beth back.

The moment that Steffy acknowledges that “Phoebe” was never hers will be heart-wrenching. There is also the possibility that Liam leaves her home to go back with Hope.

The continued back and forth is becoming boring and viewers are tired of this love triangle. Fans of the show would like to see all who are involved move forward in less complicated relationships. Be sure not to miss Tuesday’s exciting episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Lope fans can rejoice at this moment when Beth is reunited with her parents. Steam fans will be disappointed because this could signal Liam might leave Steffy at a time she needs him most. Tune in to the Logan/Forrester/Spencer drama each weekday afternoon at 1:30 PM on CBS.