Today” fans will have several more weeks to wait before Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb are both side-by-side in their fourth-hour seats on their namesake segment. Jenna worked right up until almost the very minute that sweet baby son, Henry Harold Hager, was ready to greet the world last Friday. It was only hours after her last “Today” broadcast before taking maternity leave that the first boy in the family made his much-anticipated entrance.

On Monday this week, the entire “Today” crew celebrated the happy news with Jenna Bush Hager. The exuberant mother-again called in for a conversation.

Communication was fine in the opening “Today” hour, but there were a few glitches that got in the way of talk in the fourth hour of the show. Jenna revealed that daughters, Mila (Margaret), 6, and Poppy, 3, made calling their baby brother “Hal” an easy choice. They walked into the room, greeting their new sibling as “Hal Pal,” so the name choice could not have been more perfect.

Jenna’s radiance was palpable, as was her reflection on the blessing of motherhood amidst the recent tragedies of lives lost from gun violence in a single week.

Just because “Hoda & Jenna” won't be together on their namesake hour of “Today” for a while doesn't mean that the new moms can't share the joy of being together.

Jenna Bush Hager and a select group of moms from the morning show were among the first to visit Kotb and her second adopted daughter, Hope Catherine, in April. Now, Hoda Kotb has reciprocated the sweet gesture, as reported on August 9 by USA Today and other sources.

The “Today” co-anchor couldn't wait to meet baby Hal, and neither could her daughter, Haley Joy.

Their moment was sweeter than a stack of sugar cubes.

Smiles that shine

Jenna Bush Hager is 37, and Hoda Kotb is 54, but as Hager described of Kotb last week, both have “the glow of motherhood” as their aura. Hager related the birth of their new television partnership to the welcome of their babies, describing this momentous phase as “a beautiful time” in both their lives.

In a video message, Kotb encouraged Hager to savor “every second” of the time with her daughters and new son.

Hoda Kotb briefly introduced her new book, “I Needed This Today,” during the same broadcast. Clearly, both of these mothers intend to keep their children as the central focus of their lives, while still maintaining highly successful careers.

Haley Joy, 2, probably hasn't made any definite career choices yet, and her mother celebrates her independent spirit. The two-year-old showed off her expertise as a big sister when she met baby Hal, sitting just right among the big pillows and flashing a giant smile.

It was hard to tell whose smile was broadest among Haley, Hoda, and Jenna. Only sweet baby Hal opted out of the smile club, instead, choosing to quietly snooze.

Moms with much in common

Along with sharing the trials and triumphs of motherhood, Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb bring similar interests to their “Today” venture.

Hoda was frequently dubbed “sunshine in a bottle” by Kathie Lee Gifford, who is making new memories and friends in her Nashville neck of the woods. With her Texas drawl, and that Jenna Bush Hager brings a similar honesty and sense of daring to her television role. She's not afraid to make fun of herself or to speak how she feels. Kotb and Hager share literary talents and affinity, too. Willie Geist recently noted that her Read With Jenna book club picks are giving Oprah Winfrey some competition.

Between sleep deprivation from 2 AM feedings and diaper changes, Jenna Bush Hager may not be diving into any juicy book pages for some time. At least she’ll know that Hoda is probably wide awake, too, and ready to listen.

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