The landscape of cable television continues to change. Aside from Disney pulling the plug on their series of Netflix shows. As "Game of Thrones," announced the eighth season will be their last, "Arrow" executives announced that their eighth season will be their last as well. "Arrow" star Stephen Arnell announced that the show had "one hell of a run," but it's best to go out on a high.

"Arrow" fans are now in another uproar, as Emily Bett Rickards made the announcement that she is exiting the show after the current season, and won't be around for the series finale.

Rickards, best known for her portrayal as Felicity Smoak since 2012, made her announcement on Instagram.

Arrow star Stephen Arnell offers his well wishes to Rickards

Arnell offered his well-wishes to her on his Instagram saying, "I need until Monday - for now, I love you." He also shared a picture of her very first scene on "Arrow." Co-star Colton Haynes also responded to her announcement saying "You will be missed, my love. So happy this journey brought us together."

Rickards debuted as Felicity Smoak on Episode 3, being introduced as an IT technician at Queen Consolidated before she became a full-fledged member of Oliver's team. Show executives made her a series regular midway through season 1.

Fans only recently learned in Season 7 that Felicity was pregnant.

This season is set to have 22 episodes, with the episode 18 to air Monday, April 15. The season finale will air on May 13. Fans will have to wait to see how or why Felicity is leaving the hit show. Fans have already been left with a lot of questions thanks to the flash-forward future.

Fans are now wondering why does Queen's daughter Mia go by Smoak? What happens to the Queen family.

Emily Rickards was a driving force on Arrow

Starting in 2012, "Arrow" spawned an entire universe on The CW known as the Arrowverse. The CW has four shows often connect back to "Arrow," including "The Flash," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow." The CW recently announced their newest show "Batwoman," which has not been picked up for a complete season.

Felicity Smoak has become a driving force on the show. "Arrow" executive producers Greg Berlanti and Beth Schwartz announced a statement following the surprise announcement, saying they are heartbroken to see Emily and Felicity leave the show, but remain completely supportive of Emily and her future endeavors. We will have to see how she is written out of the show.