Alex Sanchez returns to "The Bold and the Beautiful" this week with a full load on his plate. The detective has hit pay dirt as he will be investigating three crimes at the same time. He was called to arrest Flo for being Dr. Buckingham's assistant in the baby swap but will have to deal with Thomas as well. Xander has incriminating video footage which puts the Forrester heir at the scene of Emma's car crash which makes him a suspect for murder. If spoilers are correct and Thomas has an altercation on the cliff of the Logan cabin, the police officer may have to wrap things up because of a death.

The guilty parties are beginning to pay for their roles in keeping Beth from Hope and Liam.

Thomas will pay one way or another

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Ridge is conflicted regarding his son. He wants everyone involved in the baby switches to pay but hesitates when it comes to Thomas. Soap Dirt says detective Sanchez will be called in to arrest Flo, but he will also have questions for ridge and Taylor's son. Xander obviously turned over the video footage of Thomas racing off after Emma, as "B&B" spoilers say his GPS puts him at the scene of the accident. Ridge is worried about his son being incarcerated but Thomas could end up in a mental health facility or dead.

One way or another Thomas Forrester will pay for his crimes and his father will feel guilty as if he failed him.

"B&B" spoilers indicate that there may be an altercation at the cliff house with Liam and Ridge's son. It's being implied there will be a tragedy which more than likely will be Thomas going over the cliff. He could be rescued and put in prison or a mental health facility, or pronounced dead. There is also a chance that his body may not be recovered which leaves the door open for a return someday.

Detective Sanchez will be on the case

"B&B" spoilers say that Alex Sanchez really wants to win a case and he may have hit pay dirt with the baby swap. The detective's head will spin when he finds out all the twists and turns that have taken place since Resse swapped Hope's baby with a dead one. He will want to be the one to make sure Flo pays for her crimes.

Spoilers say that Ms. Fulton will indeed go to jail but the fate of Thomas Forrester remains uncertain.

Spoilers say the Forresters, Logans, and Spencers will be in for a lot of intense drama this week so tune in. Be sure to watch every exciting upcoming episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Hope, Liam, Douglas, Brooke, and Ridge, will all be affected by what takes place at the cliff house this week. Detective Sanchez may be able to arrive in time to prevent tragedy from taking place, or he may witness the unfortunate events and put them in his police report.