Phyllis may soon feel like Santa Claus as she dolls out real estate that she has stolen right from under Adam's nose. She bears gifts for Victoria, Nick, Jack, and even has rewarded herself. According to the latest "The Young and the Restless" rumors, she will be in complete shock, however, when she returns triumphantly to the Dark Horse office to tell Adam how she has taken him down. He will let her know that he was on to her all the time, and admit that he has a not so happy surprise for her. Phyllis will find that she has been duped and is not as victorious as she believes.

She is back to square one with Victor's namesake who keeps telling her she will never get the better of him.

Adam tricks Phyllis

Phyllis has been huffing and puffing all over town, attempting to blow Adam away, but this week on "Y&R" she finds out that he is still standing and it is her house of cards that gets blown away. Ms. Summers does all these good deeds for Jack, Nick, and Victoria, in order to make up for causing them so much pain. She finds that the old adage is true and she will not go unpunished as the one thing she did for herself blows up in her face and her efforts have all been all for nothing. Soap Hub rumors indicate that Phyllis will present deeds to Victoria for prime real estate in Genoa City, helps Nick get back just about everything his brother stole from him and see that Jack now owns all the Jabotique buildings once again.

Ms. Summers believes she has one-upped Adam, but she is about to find out how wrong she is. When she returns to Dark Horse her boss is waiting with news that rocks her to the core. The kicker is that the hotel Phyllis purchased for herself is not the grand five-star corporation she believed she was purchasing. She instead was duped by Adam and ended up with a run-down building in Detroit that has the same name.

Victor Adam Newman continues to tell his CEO that he will always get the better of her and at this point, he has not lied. The prodigal will believe he can get everything going his way, especially as "Y&R" rumors indicate that he eventually wins Sharon over.

Adam hooks up with Sharon

Soap Dirt rumors indicate that Rey's instincts are correct and that Adam eventually ends up in Bed with Sharon.

"The Young the Restless" has kept viewers guessing as to whether Sharon, Phyllis, or Chelsea would end up with the Newman bad boy. Earlier rumors suggested Phyllis, but they only teamed up for business. Most viewers assumed there would be a grand reunion when Chelsea returned to Genoa City, but she has continued to deny her feelings for her first husband.

"Y&R" is setting Adam up for a huge fall but right now he believes he is unstoppable. Nina, Victoria, Chelsea, and Sharon are all caught in his web of receipt. Victor's namesake cannot continue his manipulations indefinitely and eventually, he will make a mistake. By then he may not have one person in his corner. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 2:00 PM EST to find out what happens next.