Billy Miller recently confirmed rumors that he was leaving his “General Hospital” role as Drew Cane. Some “Y&R” viewers are hoping he will return to his character Billy but there has been no confirmation that he will. There had also been talk of Jason Thompson who is now portraying the youngest Abbott brother might go back to “GH” as Patrick Drake. There have been a number of comings and goings recently on both shows with several actors leaving one daytime drama for the other. Time will tell if the viewers get what they desire or if things go in a different direction.

'Y&R' fans desire to have Billy Miller back

Soap Dirt indicates that “Y&R” fans are excited that Billy Millet has left “General Hospital” and hope he traded Port Charles for Genoa City. Miller is the Billy who swept Victoria off her feet and married her. He is the one who be who Chloe tricked which brought Delilah into the world. Watching Jadon Thompson relive the memories has some viewers desiring Miller to reclaim his role. There has been no indication that Jason Thompson is leaving, but the same can be said about Gina Tognoni who was fired so Michelle Stafford could portray Phyllis once again.

If "Y&R" fans complain as they did when Doug Davidson AKA Paul Williams was fired, and or if the writers find it within their agenda Thompson could be out.

Billy Miller could be back in a flash but this is all speculation. Rumors indicate Miller has a role in an Apple TV streaming program but it’s not long term. Fans of the daytime drama vet will be watching and waiting to find out if he returns to Genoa City or not.

Billy Abbott losing himself on 'Y&R'

"Y&R" rumors from Soaps She Knows say that Billy will continue having emotional problems dealing with Adam back in town.

He is also being pushed to the edge of a breakdown and losing himself because of whoever is gaslighting him. The likely culprits would be Kevin and Chloe who want Deliah's dad to snap and do harm to the Newman bad seed. They want their own hands clean so they are pulling Billy’s strings. There have been no script leaks regarding how far Victoria’s significant other is willing to go.

In order to continue enjoying “The Young and the Restless,” tune in every Monday through Friday at 12:30 PM EST on CBS. Be sure you also are on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts regarding what Billy Miller and Billy Abbott will be up to in the coming weeks. Make sure you keep up with “General Hospital" each weekday afternoon to find out how Drew Cane exits Port Charles. All the action can be found on ABC each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST. Rumors suggest that Dr. Kim Neto May leave town with her deceased son’s father so stay tuned.