Rumors for ”The Young and the Restless” tease that trouble is coming for Kola as their nuptials draw near. Many viewers have believed for a while that the wedding may never take place. There is now good reason to think this way. Kyle could be pushed to the point of cheating on Lola because of being drunk at his bachelor party. Theo and Summer have already implied he is no longer fun and is conducting himself like an old married man. With a little more prompting, Kyle’s bad boy side could resurface again. The question is whether or not Summer will be the hookup or another woman, possibly Lola’s mom Celeste.

Kyle could cheat on Lola

Celeb Dirty Laundry believes a teaser from Soap Opera Digest refers to “The Young and the Restless” and Kola. CDL says the magazine mentioned a “domesticated” individual which is how Kyle Abbott has been described in recent weeks. The rumors suggests that Kyle might be pressured and get drunk during his bachelor party and end up doing something he will regret. Summer is a logical choice for him to hookup with so CDL says it would be more shocking if Lola found Celeste in bed with her fiancé.

Soap Opera Spy indicates that the relationship between the Rosales women will become more strained and that Lola will end up telling her mother off. CDL says that all the domesticated bliss and nesting between Kola is simply setting them up for a fall.

Summer seems to have moved on with Theo but her heart could still belong to Kyle. They come from similar backgrounds and understand each other’s crazy behavior. If “Y&R” rumors are correct and Lola finds out Kyle cheated, she will not forgive him. Summer, however, might welcome him back with open arms.

‘Y&R’ might continue love triangle

”The Young and the Restless” has been dragging out the Kola and Skyle love triangle for some time. Now Kyle and Lila are blissfully happy and Summer is enjoying time with Theo. CDL points out that it’s all a bit too convenient and suggests something major is coming.that will blow Kyle and Lola apart.

Celeste will probably play a major role in the breakup whether she sleeps with Kyle or not. Mama Rosales has been brought in for a reason and perhaps it’s about to be revealed.

Kyle and Lola have so many obstacles in their way that it would take a miracle to get to them to the altar. Between Celeste, and Summer’s interference, Lola’s insecurities, and Kyle’s flirtatious ways the relationship seems doomed from the start. As the wedding draws near the action will probably intensify so stay tuned.