"The Young and the Restless" has reunited quite a few folk in Genoa City within the past couple of months. Esther, Kevin Jill, and Chloe are back on screen, as well as Chelsea and Adam. Michelle Stafford is making the role of Phyllis her own again, while lPaul and Christine are being showcased once again, rumors now tease that Chelsea’s mom Anita and Chance Chancellor may soon show up. Victor and Chelsea both hinted they knew about an alliance between Phillip the 4th and Adam, but it turns out the bad boy Newman was the hero who helped Jill’s grandson, If indeed he comes back to town, it’s not a stretch to consider that his mom Nina might also make an appearance.

'Y&R' might bring Chance to Genoa City

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Chance Chancellor could soon show up in Genoa City, He had not been mentioned in years on "Y&R" until recently. Phyllis went to Vegas to dig up dirt on Adam and later told him she knew about him and Chance. Not long after this, Victor mentioned Jill’s grandson and told Adam he should have known he could not hide the connection.’ These exchanges implied something shady was going on when quite the opposite was true.

"The Young and the Restless" rumors from Soap Dirt confirm Catherine Bach will return as Anita, and Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Chance could also come back to Genoa City although it’s not been confirmed who would it lay her he part.

With all the old familiar characters showing up, it’s not a stretch to consider that Nina may eventually make her way back to town as well. It’s not yet clear how Adam connected to Chance since he supposedly had amnesia while in Vegas. Perhaps, Phillip, the third will expose him as a liar.

'Y&R' may breathe life into the Chancellor mansion

The new writing team for "The Young and the Restless' could be attempting to revive action at the Chancellor mansion, considering Jill and Esther are now on the screen. Bringing Chance back to Genoa a City would also have someone with the last name Chancellor in town. Since no details have been revealed, viewers will have to rely on rumors updates.

Jill’s grandson was not a major player, so there must be a reason this particular character is being brought back on screen.

If "Y&R" is using Chance to breathe life into his grandfather’s mansion, drama with Billy, Cane, Esther and others will surely follow. The connection with Adam will also be explained. If Nina returns to Genoa city, it will truly feel like old times.