"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that on Monday, Lulu has a major meltdown. While talking to her father in law she finally admits how she really feels about Dante’s absence. Mrs. Falconeri breaks down in front of Sonny because of her frustration at being separated from her husband. Spoiler alerts suggest this may be the defining moment for Lante and the beginning of the end of their marriage. Dominic Zamprogna’s character has been away from Port Charles for a while and viewers want closure. It’s time Dante is recast or leaves his family for good because Lulu needs to be free of being stuck in limbo and find love again.

Lulu has meltdown Monday on 'GH'

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Lulu will finally address all her bottled up tension on Monday’s ’ ”General Hospital” episode. During a conversation with her father-in-law, she will breakdown and be brutally honest on how she feels. She will unload on Sonny, who will try to be sympathetic towards her plight. Lulu threw herself into the Ryan Chamberlain investigation and is doing the same now in trying to catch the dating app burglar. Now that she is admitting how she really feels, perhaps she can obtain a new lease on life.

Monday’s "GH" episode will be the first time Lulu has truly come to grips with the predicament that her spouse has put her in. Maxie is going above and beyond trying to find Dante, and Laura encouraged her daughter to go get her husband.

What no one seems to be taking into account is the fact that Dante may not want to be found. He could’ve so emotional or damaged that he wants nothing to do when they s family. Detective Falconeri had been a conscientious husband, father, and public servant. He is no longer that same man and everyone needs to recognize that fact.

'GH' direction for Lante still unclear

Many "General Hospital" viewers desire a Lante reunion, which seems unlikely at this point. Neither the writers nor Dominic Zamprogna, have made it clear to fans what will happen next. The actor has not said whether he is done with his character and Sonny and Olivia’s son has not been recast.

Lulu unburdening herself to her husband’s father may be a step in whatever direction is he is headed d in the future.

"GH" spoilers hinted that Dante’s wife may end up dating his former partner Chase. Soap Dirt suggests Lulu could fall for one of the men on the dating app. The first thing that has to happen, however, is for closure to take place in the Lante marriage. One way or another the situation must be finalized. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts as they become available. Continue watching all the Port Charles drama each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.