On Thursday’s episode of "General Hospital" Shiloh felt as though he owned the world. He was waiting on the DNA results that he believed would prove he is Wiley’s father and was elated Oscar left him shares of ELQ stock In his will. The Dawn of Day leader is also confident that Harmony is still in his corner and will protect his secrets. The truth is that Harmony has agreed to tell the authorities everything she has covered up for the cult leader. In addition, the baby switch is a ticking time bomb that is about to go off and Shiloh will be devastated.

The DNA test will reveal he is not Wiley’s birth father and mass confusion will occur. A subsequent test will be ordered as the Dawn of Day founder may suspect foul play but, in the end, he will be the loser.

'GH' is about to clip Shiloh's wings

"General Hospital" has allowed Shiloh to run rampant in Port Charles for several months and viewers want him gone. Soap Hub and Celeb Dirty Laundry both indicate that many fans of the ABC daytime drama believe the guru will end up dead. What is known for certain is that three situations will clip the wings of Mr. Archer. His most trusted devotee, Harmony, is revealing all of his secrets to Mac and Robert. This could land the Dawn of Day founder in jail for murder.

”General Hospital” is also hitting Shiloh in his finances. He was told he had inherited Oscar’s shares of ELQ based on the will, but the teen wrote something additional at a later date that the Quartermaine’s believe will stand up in court. Finally he will eventually have to accept that Wiley is not his child and that his son is dead.Mr.

Archer has been so used to manipulating women and having the police in his back pocket and hat he may not be able to handle failure. Harmony turning against him, lol sing his heir and facing imprisonment may be a bit much.

'GH' baby swap will devastate Port Charles

The twists and turns of the "General Hospital" baby switch are lining up and numerous Port Charles residents will be devastated.

Shiloh and Willow must grieve the son that died, Lucas will be crushed and Brad's head will be on the chopping block. Michael will be ecstatic that Jonah is alive but will hurt for his cousin and Aunt Bobbie. Liesl and Julian will most likely be taken to task for their r roll in the cover-up and they may be alienated from the few people who love them.