"The Young and the Restless" rumors say Victor is about to go down a depressing path and lose something most dear to him. He recently was diagnosed with Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, which is a rare blood disorder. He decided on a risky treatment which will cause him memory loss. Residents of Genoa City have seen the Newman patriarch shot, beaten up and with amnesia but this time the situation is different. He will need his family and friends in a way he never has before. Nikki and his children are very concerned but have no control over what is to come.

Newman Enterprises will now be solely in Victoria’s hands and the future is uncertain where her father is concerned.

Victor Newman down but not out

When Nate gave Victor the news that he had PNH, the Newman patriarch responded that he was going to beat the disease. "Y&R" viewers expressed concern that Eric Braden might be retiring or was dealing with illness off-screen. Loyal fans know, however, that the veteran actor has said on more than one occasion that he believes that if you retire, you die. In his book entitled “I’ll Be Damned” Braden assured readers that he and his alter ego would both be around for a long time. For this reason, it’s safe to assume the Newman patriarch is down, but definitely not out

Earlier "Y&R" rumros indicated that Victor would need a bone marrow transplant and that the only match would be Adam.

If this current treatment works that won’t be necessary, but if it does not the prodigal son may still be needed. What is known is that Soap Hub indicates the Newman patriarch will suffer from the worst side effect his treatment may cause, which is memory loss. It will be difficult to watch the most powerful man in Genoa City lose his cognitive abilities but hopefully, it will be a short term situation.

'Y&R' will ll keep Victor Newman around

Victor Newman is an important part of Genoa City and is beloved by fans of the show. This storyline will no doubt be stressful for his family as Soap Dirt reveals Nikki will break down and share her troubles with someone this week. It will be difficult watching the most powerful man in the city succumb to memory loss but Victor is a survivor.

Either his treatment will work or Adam will supply bone marrow but "The Young and the Restless" will be keeping the mustache around.

Soap Dirt indicates that Chelsea’s mom Anita will be returning to Genoa City and she will probably stir up trouble for Adam and the rest of the Newman’s. It’s not known if her arrival is slated for before or after Victor begins having his cognitive issues. If he has even the slightest amount of brain function at the time he will be on top of the situation.