Adam Newman continues his downward spiral on "The Young and the Restless" by alienating even those who initially wanted to help him. He did not give Victoria a chance to issue a warning, that Phyllis is planning to double-cross him and he will soon push Sharon and Chelsea away. Rumors say that in coming weeks both women will wash their hands of the prodigal son but it won’t stop his agenda. His idea of love is to hit below the belt and cause the most damage possible. He claims to love Chelsea and want their family back but at the same time, he makes her look guilty of murdering her husband and wants to put her in jail.

Adam wants Chelsea prosecuted for Calvin’s murder

Soap Hub says that Adam will turn tape over to Paul that makes Chelsea look guilty for Calvin’s murder. The prodigal son has an interesting way of expressing his love for his former wife. Actually, since he is alive her marriage to Calvin is null and void but no one on "The Young and her he Restless" has even addressed that fact yet. Perhaps Adam believes If Chelsea is incarcerated he will obtain custody of Conner. It’s possible, however, that she may have an agreement with Nick and he ends up with both of his brother’s sons.

Ironically, Chelsea mentioned that her deceased spouse paid a visit to her first husband shortly before he died. This makes Adam seem just as guilty and he also has a motive.

With Calvin Boudreaux out of the way, it would seem he had a clear path to reuniting his family, but if this was the plan, it backfired big time. Chelsea wants nothing to do with Adam and to add insult to injury, she turned to Nick In her hour of need.”The Young and the Restless" is keeping viewers in limbo in regard to Adam’s love life and it’s becoming confusing.

Sharon and Chelsea turn their backs on Adam

Initially, "The Young and the Restless" seemed as though they were going to reunite Sharon and Adam, but that relationship quickly went south. Next rumors teased that Phyllis might hook up with the bad boy, but she is now trying to double cross him. All the while there were rumors that Chelsea was coming back and viewers anticipated a big Chadam reunion.

Instead, she turned on Adam with a vengeance and is now hanging onto Nick’s every word. It’s as if everyone forgot Ms. Lawson stole from Fenmore’s, knocked Chloe in the head and went on the run.

Once Sharon and Chelsea are done with Adam, and Phyllis cons him, he won’t have a leg to stand on. No one even tolerated him except Jack and even he did is exasperated at his friend’s behavior. Victor cypress has even cut him son out of the loop in regards to his possibly fatal health crises.