General Hospitalspoiler alerts indicate there will be much mystery and intrigue in Port Charles during the next two weeks. All the action is set in motion on the Haunted Star amid the Friz engagement party. One or both of two explosive secrets will be revealed and someone will attempt murder. An unlikely couple will show up together and start tongues wagging, and a teen romance may blossom. A tribute will be made to Franco and Liz that touches hearts, and someone returns to town who stuns everyone. The ramifications from this night will be felt for a long time to come and affect Liz and Franco greatly.

'GH' brings Hayden back and spotlight‘s Obrecht

”General Hospital" spoilers have been promising that Hayden Barnes will return to Port Charles and it looks like she makes her first appearance at her sister’s engagement party. She had been oof the grid for a while, so this will be quite a surprise for most of the attendees. There is no news yet on the child she had with Finn, but while she is making waves, Dr. Obrecht will have a big splash. Liesel will become so drunk that she begins babbling to Franco and lets one of her two explosive secrets slip.

GH” spoilers don’t indicate which secret Liesel will spill, but she knows Wiley is really Jonah and that Sasha is not Nina’s daughter. Franco loves Obrecht so he would not betray her confidence, which means keeping another secret from Liz.

The couple vowed to not hide anything from each other ever again but now its possible the Fritz marriage will begin based on Lies.

'GH' surprises viewers with unlikely pairings and loving tribute

”General Hospital” came out of the left field last week, when Scott proposed to Bobbie. The duo later agreed to take things slowly and will show up on the Haunted Star together.

Soap Dirt says they will cause eyes to stare and tongues to wag but will pay no attention. There will also be a possible love triangle or two involving the teens. Last week Cameron asked Joss to be his date for the engagement party, but she turned him down. Trina later volunteered to go, and previews show the three young adults standing together.

”General Hospital” recently killed off Oscar and has now brought Dev on board. The Turkish teen has been flirty with both Joss and Trina but encouraged Josslyn to attend the engagement party with Cam. It’s not clear yet whether the end result will be Joss and Cameron and Trina and Dev, or the other way around.

Spoilers tease that Cameron will sing a tribute song to the happy couple which will touch the hearts of all in attendance. Be sure to tune in Monday at 2:00 PM EST on ABC and continue watching during the next two weeks. Franco and Liz are going to have a memorable time aboard the Haunted Star.