"The Story of OJ" sounds more like a coming Lifetime movie than a track title, but it's one of the songs on a new project Jay-Z released at midnight as the clock turned from Thursday to Friday. It quickly gained traction, becoming one of the first tracks to trend on Twitter. As people invest in the stock market to afford their Tidal subscription to listen to the album, let's take a look at the new album and the song itself.

Breaking down 'The Story of OJ'

Even without access to listen to the song -- a problem for many avid Jay-Z fans -- the lyrics are widely available online.

"The Story of OJ" stood out immediately. The title of the song addresses one of the most landmark figures in race relations, former football player OJ Simpson, who was famously acquitted of double murder in the 1990s and now sits in a jail cell for robbery. The song also samples Nina Simone's "Four Women," which details how black women need to move past other demographic differences to band together.

Jay-Z's "The Story of OJ" takes on a similar tone and message. With plenty of curses in between, the chorus rests on the binaries between light and dark, fake and real, rich and poor, and more, before settling on the fact that all of those descriptors still apply to a single race. "You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club?/Credit," Hova raps before breaking apart his message by stereotyping Jews.

He's demanding better of those who represent black freedom in the United States. It's a powerful message from someone who is widely accepted as a representation of black excellence in his community.

"The Story of OJ" also has a video attached to it, driving home the point. The video takes aim at racial stereotypes and the history of African-Americans in the United States, showing images invoking slavery and racism dating back beyond the Civil War.

The video is a visceral experience, but a journey Jay-Z wants everyone to take to better understand his point of view.

Accessing Jay-Z's new album

Jay-Z released "4:44" on TIDAL after midnight on Thursday night/Friday morning. It's the rapper's first album in four years, but it's only available with a subscription to the streaming service.

There were rumors that a subscription to Sprint may be needed if people didn't sign up by the time the album was released. Without that subscription, "The Story of OJ" will remain an elusive track to read about on Twitter instead of being able to listen to.