The Young and the Restless" is moving full steam ahead utilizing veteran characters and giving them more screen time. Adam Newman, bringing out the worst in those he deals within Genoa City, is the current common denominator. On Wednesday, both Phyllis and Michael will be pushed deeper into the dark side and Christine and Nick will be caught in the middle. Manipulation and deception will cause a ripple effect of problems and there is no sign of things getting better anytime soon. Michael’s quest for the DA’s office and Phyllis longing to make amends with Nick put them on the same page when it comes to removing Victor’s namesake from everyone’s lives.

Phyllis tries to appease Nick because of Adam

Soap Dirt indicates that Nick will become paranoid regarding his younger brother but Celeb Dirty Laundry says Phyllis will try to rectify the situation on Wednesday’s episode of "The Young and the Restless." Summer will reveal she is attempting to buy back properties Nick owned before his sibling stole Dark Horse from him. She feels responsible and is trying to make things right by double-crossing Adam.

Y&R” rumors indicate that the prodigal Newman will be one step ahead of the fiery redhead, on Wednesday, so look for the intense fallout. Both Nick and Adam are determined to obtain sole custody of Christian and that battle will only intensify the efforts of Phyllis to help her former spouse.

While she is working hard to take down Adam through Dark Horse, Kevin and Michael are working on things from an entirely different direction.

'Y&R' explores Michael’s dark side

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that, on Wednesday’s episode of "The Young and the Restless," Michael is going to push Christine to step down as DA earlier than she had planned.

The rumor says that Mr. Baldwin is practically assured the job as the next DA but will manipulate Christine to leave her position because of his ultimate goal of taking down Adam. Michael is livid that Kevin and Chloe are being blackmailed by the black sheep of the Newman family and wants it to stop. On Monday Adam welcomed Michael to the dark side as if it were a joke and even said that the once and future DA could never compete with him.

Michael got a hold of the incriminating photo's and negatives the Newman bad boy was going to use to bribe the custody judge He destroyed them and also sent Adam's private detective out of the country, with instructions never to return. The once and future DA said that he could go further into the dark side if necessary but Victor's namesake is not taking him seriously. Rumors indicate that Kevin's big brother will indeed show himself to be a worthy opponent Be sure not to miss Wednesday's "Y&R" episode by tuning in at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.