Billy Miller has confirmed his exit from "General Hospital" but what is not certain is the fate of his character. Drew could leave Port Charles never to return, or he could come back to town at a later date. Mr. Cane could die, or a recast could take over the role. At this point the powers that be are not saying, so viewers are left wondering what will take place in the near future. The ABC daytime drama is finally addressing Drew's past with Franco, but for some, it has come a bit too late. There is also the issue of whether or not Kim Nero has a future on the show with Oscar dead and her baby daddy leaving.

If there is no foul play, the two may exit together, which would give hope to Julexis fans.

Drew's fate on 'GH' may be tied to Franco or Shiloh

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Drew's future could be tied up in the warning Franco received from the psychic. Soap Dirt reiterates that the seer told Mr. Baldwin, "Whatever you do don't take that drive." This indicates that something tragic might happen while Mr. Cane's childhood friend is behind the wheel. It's possible the two men could go for a drive and an accident takes place. If Drew dies that would be the end of Billy Miller's character and leave no chance for a recast. This is but one possibility as CDL also suggests that Shiloh may do something drastic to keep his past from coming to light.

Right now Drew is dealing with Oscar's death and wishing the cult leader would leave him alone. He has no romantic involvement and his company is being run by others. He and Jason have honored his son's wishes by making amends and building the treehouse. He has made it clear that he will not use the flash drive to retrieve his -past memories out of fear of losing his recent ones.

This leaves the door open for something to trigger his mind to recall his former life. "General Hospital" spoilers do not yet have a date for Billy Miller's exit so time is of the essence regarding Shiloh and Franco's warning.

Billy Miller gives no clue for future endeavors

The rumor mill suggested a few weeks back that Billy Miller might return as Billy Abbott on "The Young and the Restless" but this has not been confirmed.

Neither the actor nor "General Hospital" spoilers have revealed what his future plans will be. All that is known for certain is that the soap vet will be leaving Port Charles and what happens next in his career remains to be seen.

Some "General Hospital" viewers believed Miller would leave the show when Steve Burton returned as Jason and he was deemed the twin brother, but he did not. Now fans are considering a different possibility. If Drew leaves Port Charles with Kim in tow, this would delight Julexis fans who have been waiting close to three years to see Alexis and Julian reignite their passion. Should Shiloh be taken down because of Drew's past memories, then, all the better. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to find out how this situation is resolved.