“The Young and the Restless” has a new bad boy in Genoa City and he’s about to wreck at least four lives. Theo Vanderway is Kyle’s party buddy from back in the day and he hates that his friend is engaged. He continually drops hints about the good old days when Kyle was wild and free and this has Lola worried. Ms. Rosales even went so far as o tell her fiancé that if he did not give her details of his former life, the wedding would be off. Theo also continues to try to make nice with Phyllis which irritates Summer to no end. Before he leaves town he may put a stop to the wedding and have Phyllis and Summer a point of no return with each other.

Theo may break up Kola

"Y&R" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that Theo is about to ruin Kyle’s life. Instead of supporting his friend’s upcoming nuptials, Mr. Vanderway is trying to sabotage Kola. He has spoken so often about how he and Kyle used to party that Lola asked him to come to talk to her at her job. Summer was standing in the doorway listening as Theo said Kyle loved blondes and always had several of them around. Ms. Rosales was a virgin until she gave herself to Kyle and now feels she may not be able to hold on to him. Soap Dirt says Celeste will get on her daughter's last nerve on Thursday, so Lola will be dealing with a lot of pressure.

On Friday Lola demanded that Kyle tell her all about his past, which put him on the spot.

Summer later told Theo that he was not being a good friend but he laughed it off. Mr. Vanderway believed Kyle was not being true to himself and is not the settling down type. When Lola presses Theo for details he told her to ask her fiancé. The answers Kyle gives night just make or break the relationship. "Y&R" rumors had been hinting that Celeste or Summer might stop the wedding but now it looks like Theo may be the culprit.

CDL says Kyle will get physical with his friend so he must do something pretty bad.

Theo may hookup with Phyllis

Celeb Dirty Laundry tells that Summer will become annoyed because her new friend with benefits won’t stop trying to impress Phyllis. On Friday’s “Y&R” episode, Theo agreed to help Phyllis with a marketing campaign and CDL suggests this could lead to something more.

The duo could become a little too close for comfort and eventually hookup. This would totally devastate Summer, not because she is in love with Theo but because of her mother. Phyllis hooking up with Mr. Vanderway would come across as retaliation for the daughter sleeping with Billy and tear the mother and daughter apart.

If Theo and Phyllis do cross the line this will be big news in Genoa City and if Kyle finds out, this may be the reason he starts a fight with his former party buddy. Another issue that would cause problems would be if Mr. Vanderway tried to hit on Lola. It could, however, be as simple as Ms. Rosales breaking off her engagement and Kyle-blaming Theo. .