Soap vet Tristan Rogers recently announced that he is back on the ABC daytime drama "General Hospital" for good. This is great news for the legions of fans who love his character Robert Scorpio. The talented actor had been doing double duty for a number of years by also portraying Colin Atkinson on “The Young and the Restless” which airs on CBS. There were times when he could be seen on both programs simultaneously. Robert recently was named Port Charles DA and his brother Mac is interim police commissioner. Great things are in store for the Scorpio brothers as well as those who enjoy watching them.

Tristen Rogers full time on 'GH'

Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that “Tristian Rogers” just announced that he is back on “General Hospital” permanently. The actor says that for the past seven years his character has been on the periphery of other storyline and not involved in any that were exclusively his own. Recently he supported Anna as she was deciding whether or not to marry Finn. It was looking like Robert might have wanted his former wife back but in the end, gave his blessing.

“General Hospital” recently added a law degree to Robert Scorpio’s resume and he is now the Port Charles district attorney. CDL says Tristan Rogers revealed that he is elated to have storylines of his own and believes as a veteran of the show he should have legacy treatment.

Rogers says he told executive producer he likes to get his scripts and read them I the moment. The soap exec said he does not like not being, told in advance, what will happen to his character because it all could change.

Scorpio brothers showcased on GH

"General Hospital" recently had Mac step back into the role of police commissioner which places him and Robert both in the thick of things and also working together.

Soaps She Knows reveals there will be much action in the next two weeks that is related to Shiloh. The Scorpio brothers will be involved in his court case and ultimate takedown. Earlier spoilers suggested that Nell and Ryan might break out of prison and if they did Robert Scorpio would prosecute them.

Tristan Rogers was adorable as Colin Atkinson on “The Young and the Restless.” Fans were looking forward to his return to Genoa City, but when his TV wife Jill came home from traveling the world, she was alone.

She announced that she and her devil may care spouse had gone their separate ways. Rogers return to “General Hospital, full time, may have been the reason he is no longer on the CBS Soap. sure to watch for spoiler alerts that update storylines involving Robert and continue watching the action in Port Charles each weekday afternoon. The ABC daytime drama airs at 2;00 PM EST