Supergirl” began season four without a few characters and with quick introductions to a few new ones. Last season saw the departure of Winn, Reign, and Mon-El, but it's still possible the characters could make their way back. Along with the introduction of Mercy and Otis Graves came the rise of the anti-alien sentiment. The siblings help spark hatred throughout the city by stealing weapons to supply those who hate aliens. Their ally Agent Liberty is a leader of the sentiment and will be further explored in an upcoming episode. The rise of hatred will be a constant obstacle Supergirl will face as the new season progresses and will cause her to struggle to maintain her mission of hope.

Elsewhere in the first episode of season four was a brief glimpse of Supergirl's counterpart in Russia. Little is known on what exactly the plans for her will be, but the season will play with the idea of what would have happened if Kara had ended up in Russia instead of America.

Season four is about empowerment

Melissa Benoist shared with TV Line how Kara doesn't have much romance on board for the new season which will focus on empowerment. Benoist added she's not opposed to Kara having a romance, but she enjoys seeing a woman not have romance on her mind and who fends for herself. The actor also teased the budding friendship between Kara and new reporter Nia Nal will have an amazing pay off as Kara is determined to help Nia the way Cat Grant helped her.

The other Supergirl has only been seen once so far, but Benoist teased she hasn't fully gotten settled in the character though she has gotten to speak some Russian.

This season has been described the most political season yet and hits upon serious topical issues. Supergirl struggles to deal with the rise of alien hatred while also maintaining her image as a beacon of hope for the community.

The first two episodes heavily focused on setting up this sentiment and was clearly mirroring what's happening in society today. The anti-alien sentiment went further in episode two when Brainy (Jesse Rath) had an encounter with a local restaurant owner who quickly turned on him when his identity as an alien was revealed. Kara is used to being hope for the people as Supergirl and a voice of justice as reporter Kara Danvers so she'll spend the season trying to go up against this hatred and facing this reality where the country is divided.

Supergirl's mission is to bring people together and to accept each other. This season will focus on Kara's goal to heal this divide, and the ability to speak up for oneself and to speak out is the biggest theme for this season.

Agent Liberty, Manchester Black among new characters

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) will get some family time this season when his sister Kelly arrives in town. Azie Tesfai has been cast in the role. Kelly Olsen is paying for medical school through her time in the military and will show up after being discharged. “Supergirl” introduced a variety of new characters such as Nia Nal (Nicole Maines), the Graves siblings (Rhonda Mitra and Robert Baker), and Ben Lockwood aka Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer).

Mercy's relationship with Lena (Katie McGrath) will be explored as the season progresses. Lena looked up to Mercy as an older sister and the connection the two shared may still be there. The character of Agent Liberty will be the focus of the episode “Man of Steel” which airs this Sunday, October 28. The episode focuses on Ben's background and how his father's anti-alien sentiment influenced his rise into Agent Liberty. Xander Berkeley plays the role of Ben's father.

Colonel Haley (played by April Parker Jones) is set to make an appearance while Lex Luther will also be introduced this season. An actor has yet to be cast in the role. Manchester Black (David Ajala) will make his way onto “Supergirl” in episode four “Ahimsa.” J'onn (David Haredwood) meets Manchester Black and learns new ways to help other aliens. In order to help Supergirl, Alex (Chyler Leigh) enlists Brainy and Lena to work together. The episode airs on November 4.