"The Bold and the Beautiful" head writer Brad Bell announced months ago, that the baby switch will be revealed in November. Even so, rumors continue to imply to fans that the news may come forth sooner. Celeb Dirt Laundry and Soap Dirt are now giving viewers a scenario with Liam that will set things in motion for the ultimate truth to be told. Questions will arise after Steffy shares details of her adoption of Phoebe, that will expose that Flo never gave birth. A Chance sighting of Thomas and Flo in close quarters will also call de suspicion that something is amiss: This will surely be a November Sweeps to remember when it all hits the fan.

'B&B' inches closer to baby swap truth

CDL says that Steffy will soon divulge to Liam how she ended up with Phoebe, so he will become suspicious and do some digging. He will find it strange that the adoption took place within a week’s time and decide to check with the hospital where the baby was supposed to have been born. Liam will be shocked when he finds out there is no record of Flo giving birth at the facility and things will probably escalate from that point. "B&B" viewers need to keep in mind that there are four months until November Sweeps, so this revelation could take the entire time to come out.

"B&B" rumors, for Soap Dirt, say that Liam will find Thomas and Flo being a little too close for comfort and suspect that something tricky is taking place.

This will only fuel his determination to get to the bottom of things. Rumors say that Hope’s new husband will frighten her cousin by threatening to kill her. With Xander breaking up with Zoe and leaving town. Flo is basically alone in this mess. Both Dr, Buckingham’s daughter, and Flo’s mom Shauna want to put this situation in the past.

Xander was the only one who wanted to tell the truth and now he’s gone.

'B&B' baby switch becomes complicated

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has a lot of loose ends that make this situation extremely complicated. Reese set all of the drama in motion by lying to Hope that her baby died. There has been no news on whether or not Wayne Brady will return so his character can face the music.

Aiden Bradley who portrays Xander recently tweeted that he no longer had a job, then later said he meant he was off work for one day. Since then Xander broke up with Zoe and left LA. Viewers don’t know if it’s temporary or if he will come back and share what he knows.

"B&B" fans would probably love to see Liam take down Thomas and be the one who uncovers the truth since Phoebe/Beth is his child. This does not, however, excuse Xander, Reese, Flo, and Shauna for their role in the secrecy. The Avant s nephew and Dr. Buckingham should come back to L.A. and face the music like everyone else.