Spoiler alerts for" The Young and the Restless" reveal that more cast shakeups are on the way. Although the CBS Daytime drama has been bringing fan favorites back to Genoa City, there are also characters who are leaving. Rey and Mia Rosales and Kerry Johnson were the first casualties and now there are three more. Celeste packed her bags on Friday and told Rey and Lola she was going back to Florida. Now Ana will be moving on ad Tessa is going to have less screen time. At one point spoilers suggested that these two could possibly become more than business associates, but now there is absolutely no chance of that happening.

Ana leaves Genoa City

Devon's little sister has not really found her place since returning to Genoa City. She’s tried her hand at singing, songwriting and working with Finn and Tessa’s music careers. Even Ana’s father Jet coming to town has not put her in the thick of things. “The Young and the Restless” writers don’t seem to know how to develop this character and now Celeb Dirty Laundry says Ana will soon be leaving town.

At one point “Y&R” spoilers teased that Ana might come between Tessa and Mariah but that storyline was never developed. Once Ana is gone, Devon”s family will be almost totally dismantled. Neil is dead, Cane and Lily divorced and sold their home to Nate. The twins are away at college and Lily is only seen sporadically, while Cane is leaning in other directions l.

It’s almost as if the writers are trying to destroy the Hamilton, Winters, and Ashby family. Nothing has been revealed yet as to how or why Ms. Hamilton. leaves Genoa City.

'Y&R' puts Tessa on the back burner

Rumors have been flying for the past year that Tessa was being written out of "The Young and the Restless." Like Ana, she is always on the periphery of those around her and never in the center of the action.

Because of Mariah, Ms. Copeland has a Newman connection but it does not draw her into the family loop. in Soap Dirt spoilers for the coming week, neither woman is mentioned in current storylines. Mariah's mom and stepdad, Nick and Sharon, however, will be up to their necks in drama this related to Adam

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Cait Fairbanks name has been dropped from the credits, which indicates she is no longer on contract.

This means that Tessa will be seen less often than she is now. This could be significant for her relationship with Mariah, or it may not affect them at all. Christine Williams only pops up sporadically on "The Young and the Restless" but she and Paul don't miss a beat. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to address Ms. Porter's future and also reveal info about Ana Hamilton's last day in Genoa City.