"General Hospital" is increasing the intrigue and danger surrounding two explosive secrets. Obrecht has knowledge of them both and this will soon put her life in danger. Liesl is aware that Sasha is not really Nina’s daughter and she also knows Nelle gave birth to a living child. Someone is trying to silence her and they are about go to extreme measures. The doctor will drink too much during Liz and Franco’s engagement party on the Haunted Star. While she is inebriated, an unknown assailant will push her overboard. Earlier spoilers said she will reveal one of her secrets to Franco, but it’s not known whether it takes place before or after her dunk in the water.

'GH' brings Obrecht front and center

"General Hospital" has had Dr. Obrecht on the down-low, but now it appears to be her time to be front and center. The two deadly secrets she harbors are about to come out and she may spill one or both of them. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that an unknown culprit is going to push Liesl overboard from Lulu’s vessel while Franco and Liz are having their engagement party. Soap Dirt indicates that Maxie is going to be preoccupied trying to reunite Dante with his family so she may not be around to help the grandmother in her time of need.

"GH" spoilers indicate that at some point, Obrecht will become so drunk, she will tell at least one secret to Franco. Perhaps it’s before someone tries to make her swim with the fishes or perhaps Bobby Frank saves Liesl’s life and she tells him as she’s drying off after her ordeal.

The question on everyone’s mind at that point will be, “Who tried to kill Obrecht and why? Nelle is supposed to escape prison soon so she might want to silence the woman who knows Wiley is really Jonah. Valentin could desire to eliminate Nina’s aunt so she won’t reveal that Sasha is a fraud. It could also be something totally unrelated.

'GH' mystery begins

"General Hospital" viewers know that there are others in Port Charles who don’t really care for Obrecht so any one of them could have decided to push her overboard. When her secrets come to light, she will once again alienate the few people in her corner. Nina will be absolutely devastated her aunt did not tell her about Sasha and Maxi will find it difficult to forgive her mother-in-law.

The entire town will be shocked to know she delivered Nelle’s baby.

"General Hospital" is giving viewers another who-done-it mystery upon the Haunted Star. Someone is so enraged at Obrecht that they will try to kill her and it may be someone that no one suspects.