"General Hospital" will air a rerun on July 4, but there will be fireworks in Port Charles come Friday. Viewers knew it was only a matter of time before Liesel Obrecht would decide to spill the beans about Nelle giving birth to a live baby and rumors say she will do so on July 5. She is not going to tell her secret out of spite, or the goodness of her heart, but will tell all to Franco because she had too much to drink.

Will Scott Baldwin’s son take the info to the Corinthos family, or will he keep quiet in order to protect his good friend? He almost lost Liz because he didn’t tell her he was working undercover with Jordan, so it will be interesting to see how he handles this situation.

'GH' finally addresses Obrecht

"General Hospital" has not given Obrecht much screen time since her performance during the Nurses Ball. With all the action going on around Wiley, the woman who delivered him has remained in the background. Soap Dirt reports that Liesel will confide in Franco, but Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates she will be drunk and tell him about her night in the woods, Liesel told Nelle she would keep her secret until it could benefit her. Now, instead, she blurts out the sordid tale to Franco while under the influence of alcohol.

"GH" viewers have been watching and waiting for Liesel to expose Nelle but for weeks she has not been around. The focus has been on Willow and Shiloh and a possible DNA test proving they are not the biological parents of Wiley.

Soaps He Knows says Obrecht will share a secret and Celeb Dirty Landry indicates she will get drunk and talk to Franco. These two bonded over being outcasts and have remained close. Rumors don’t say why the demented Dr. O will become inebriated, but only say that she will reveal the fact that she delivered a live baby for Nelle.

'GH' puts Franco on the hot seat

"General Hospital" has done a great job of rehabilitating Franco and reuniting him with Liz. Once a drunken Obrecht tells him what she did in the woods, Scott’s son will be in the hot seat. He will be torn between his love for his fiancé and loyalty to his good friend. Liesel will be shocked at what her loose lips revealed when she sobers up.

She also possibly could admit that Dadha is not Nina’s daughter and cause even more problems.

"General Hospital" usually gives Obrecht the upper hand, but now she will be vulnerable. The two secrets she knows could cost her everything and leave her high and dry.