Amy Duggar King feels the pain of Joy-Anna Forsyth miscarrying her baby. That's a sad occasion for Joy-Anna and her husband Austin. Plus, as a close relative, Amy also feels their pain, especially as she's expecting her first baby. Somehow, incredible as it seems, a miscarriage brings no respect from trolls, even though most people would respect loss by young parents. Fed up with it, Amy took to her Instagram stories and called for people to "use social media for good."

Joy-Anna's miscarriage brings out the trolls, but the Duggars treasure babies

Amy first posted up a screen that said, "I'm in blocking mood.

If you don't have anything nice to say...or if [you're] going to attack other followers, [you're] not welcome on my page." Next, Amy started talking and in her fairly long talk about nastiness, she said, "I just think it's time we should use social media for good." She added that's better rather than "[attacking] other people or tearing them down or anything like that." Then Amy said, "For those who don't have anything nice to say, I'm getting really tired of it!"

The reason she's fed up is because she says she "reached out to Joy...and Justin." Amy said, "I've been praying for them and honestly, I respect the heck out of them." She noted that it's a "really hard" time for them and It's something that Amy "never experienced." She also noted that she "can't imagine experiencing that." Amy admires their strength, saying that "it's just amazing."

Social media for good means people could avoid being blocked by Amy Duggar King

Amy also pointed out that it's been a "helluva month." Speaking honestly, she reminded people that they experienced the loss of her grandmother recently.

Plus Joy-Anna's part of her family. For Amy, her own baby's "bringing her and her mom...the rest of the family a lot of joy." She says firmly that they "are going to celebrate that."

On her main IG account, Amy Duggar King took some flack from critics after she posted up a photo of her looking pregnant. She captioned it with, "Nursery shopping today!" But one follower obviously referred to Joy-Anna Forsyth's miscarriage.

They wrote, "Smdh just for a few days out of respect cant you knock off the baby posts?"

Another person who can't spell very well wrote, "duggar have no honor code about socialmedia. death babies living babies walks on the cemetery.. They don't care. everything for the money an te keep in the spotlight." No wonder Amy felt the need to get into 'blocking mode.' After all, Joy-Anna and Amy are very close.

Fans of Amy, appalled at the trolling stepped up to defend her as a first-time mom.

What do you think of Amy Duggar King reaching the point of blocking as trolls come to her page following Joy-Anna Forsyth's miscarriage? Do you think that "social media" should "be used for good?" Will the trolling ever stop?

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