Curtis Ashford was hired as a security specialist by Jax but is secretly working for Valentin to gain information on Nina’s new boss. Now, Nina wants her friend to report to her first with any information that he finds. General Hospitalspoilers suggest that the private detective could be playing both ends against the middle and not be loyal to either employer. When the truth comes out about Sasha, this will be a turning point for everyone involved. If Curtis is indeed loyal to Valentin, then finding out he tricked him will be a deal breaker.

Nina and her bestie may both find themselves supporting Jasper Jax.

Curtis May be hiding something from Jax and Valentin

Last week on “General Hospital” Jordan expressed concern regarding her husband’s current employment. Valentin helped him get hired at Aurora Media so he can investigate Jax. Nina’s spouse does not trust the man who just purchased half of his wife’s company. Jax has no idea that Curtis is working undercover but Ms. Reeves does. On Friday she asked her good friend to report to her first before giving any information to Valentin.

Fame 10 indicates that the relationship between Ms. Reeves and Mr. Cassadine is about to become complicated because of all the secrets between them. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Curtis is going to keep everyone guessing and no one will know whose side he is really on.

He has already told Valentin that Jax has files on him and Cassandra, all the while giving the impression he is loyal to his legal employer. “GH” spoilers say it could turn out that Mr. Ashford may turn on Valentin and is actually looking out for himself.

GH about to expose Valentin’s deception

Things are heating up on “General Hospital” for the reveal that Willow is Nina’s daughter.

On Friday Obrecht’s niece cried as she told her that she is the reason Shiloh found out about Wiley. Later Nina apologized and she and Ms.Tate made peace. Meanwhile, Sasha wants to stay in Port Charles but she is about to be exposed. Curtis will feel very bad that he was duped which helped to deceive Nina. There will probably be a search for the real daughter who everyone believes to be Willow.

Be on the lookout for “General Hospital” spoiler alerts to give updated information on what Curtis is up to. He could pass information back and forth between Jax and Valentin, but in reality, have his own plan against them both. Continue watching this ABC daytime drama each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST. The truth will soon come out and perhaps Mr. Ashford will be the one to connect all the dots. He may even figure out that Willow is Nina’s real daughter. The key is the other half of the locket so stay tuned.