Julian Jerome returned from Pentonville to Port Charles in October of 2016. Fans of his chemistry with Alexis have been waiting since then for their favorite couple to reunite. General Hospitalspoilers now suggest that a Julexis reunion may be close at hand. Billy Miller who portrays Drew has confirmed that he is leaving the ABC daytime drama and it’s believed that Kim will exit Port Charles with her deceased son’s father. Should that happen the door would be open for Sam’s parents to get back together. There may be trouble in parades, however, when Julian’s role in the cover-up of the Wiley secret comes to light.

Kim could exit Port Charles with Drew

Billy Miller’s "GH" exit date has not been revealed but it’s a fact that the actor is leaving Port Charles behind. Celeb Dirty Laundry is suggesting that Kim May leave town with him. Oscar’s death has hit them both pretty hard and Dr. Nero has been acting out in unusual ways. Starting over might be the best thing for her. CDL points out that she could exit at the same time as Drew but have a different destination, or perhaps she will follow wherever he goes.

"General Hospital" could also decide to do a rewrite and indicate that Drew and Kim did sleep together on the Haunted Star and have found out she is pregnant. The couple could then leave Port Charles to start over with their new child.

This is all speculation but Julexis fans would be thrilled if their favorite couple had a clear path to each other. Neal is in the picture but Alexis would more than likely drop him to have Julian back in her harms.

Drew and Shiloh battle on 'GH'

Soap Hub indicates that Shiloh is desperate to keep Drew from remembering what took place in Afghanistan.

He believes that stealing the flash drive will ensure his secrets are safe. "General Hospital," says Drew will tell the cult leader he does not need a flash drive and may recall his former life on his own. Soap Hub suggests that Andrew Cane could remember his love for Kim an this would be a reason the couple would exit Port Charles together.

Now that Drew is leaving Port Charles, “General Hospital” will more than likely speed up his remembering his past, which includes his love for Kim. Once Andrew Cane recalls the evil Shiloh did while they were serving in the armed forces, the cult leader may finally be dealt with. Julexis fans have been patient for almost three years waiting to see this popular couple reunited. A little more time won’t hurt, especially if they get their desire. Be on the lookout for spoilers alerts to update the situations with Julian, Alexis, Kim, and Drew. Continue watching all the drama each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.