There has been peace and harmony for quite some time with the Spencer men on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Dollar Bill has been off the radar and not causing any mischief for the last few months. Rumors are now suggesting a storyline that would be controversial, as well as put Liam and WyTt’s dad at the center of the drama once more. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Vincent Irizarry’s character, Dr. Armstrong may not be a part of the Phoebe/Beth reveal as many believe. The rumor says it’s possible he may bring to light the fact that Steffy’s daughter Kelly is really Liam’s half-sister and not his daughter.

Kelly may belong to Dollar Bill

A number of “B&B” viewers were never convinced that Liam was really Kelly’s father, and now Celeb Dirty Laundry poses the possibility of this being true. The rumor points out that Dollar Bill was in the hospital at the same time Steffy received the FNA results which could indicate he tampered with the test. Perhaps Bill Spencer felt guilty and did not want to further complicate his son’s life. He could have had Justin or someone else to rig the genetic testing.

It's unusual for Dollar Bull to be quiet for such a long time, so perhaps "B&B" writers have been waiting to hit fans with the big one. Rumor alerts have been promising for weeks that twists and turns would be coming before this storyline was concluded.

Last week it was announced that Dr. Armstrong would show up on August 26 and have some role in the baby switch saga. It truly would be shocking if he revealed that Kelly is not Liam’s daughter. This would open up an entirely new direction for Steffy and her family.

'B&B' May pull a fast one

Soap Dirt indicates more of the same in coming weeks on “ The Bold and the Beautiful.” Flo will continue to feel guilty and be on the verge of revealing that Beth is Phoebe until something stops her.

How shocking would it be if CDL was correct and while everyone is focused on Beth, the Kelly revelation stuns one and all? Liam being named the father of Steffy’s daughter seemed a little too neat and tidy at the time, but viewers just went with the storyline. To upset that Applecart would truly add insult to injury and devastate all who are involved,

Celeb Dirty Laundry is putting this scenario out there as a possibility but there is a chance there is a ring of truth to it.

This could be what Brad Bell hinted about when he said that a number of twist and turns were coming before the truth was revealed. If Dollar Bill is Kelly’s father this will be huge. Stay tuned to “The Bold and the Beautiful” weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST..