"General Hospital" is preparing for the big takedown of the Dawn of Day founder. Everything is lining up for several truths to be revealed that will rock the cult leader to the core. He stole a blanket from Brad hoping DNA from Wiley will prove he is the boy’s biological father, but he will soon find out the child is not his. He convinced Harmony to take the rap for drugging Kristina and Sam, but his right-hand woman is about to turn on him. Jason visited Willow's mom In jail and enlightened her regarding the guru’s role In her husband’s death.

She is now willing to tell all about the man she has idolized for so many years.

'GH' has Harmony flip on Shiloh

"General Hospital" spoilers from Soap Dirt reveal that Harmony is about to help Jason get the goods on Shiloh. Now that she is in prison, Willow’s mother has had time to think. When Jason showed up on Friday. he pointed out that Shiloh had not been to visit. He also gave her details of how the cult leader orchestrated the death of her husband. The wheels began turning and now Harmony is angry and in mama bear mode. She wants to make amends for what she allowed the DoD leader to do to her daughter and spouse.

"GH" has been building up to Shiloh’s big let down for quite some time and he will be stunned that Harmony would turn on him and share his secrets with Jason.

Soap Hub says that there will be another big blow to the DoD founder and it has to do with his belief that Wiley is his son. On Friday Shiloh told his lawyer that he had obtained DNA to prove Wiley is his son. Soap Hub indicates he will use a blanket. He will get the shock of his life when genetic testing reveals he is not the baby’s father.

'General Hospital' mystery begins

While Jason is proving that Shiloh murdered Willow’s dad, the cult leader will be digging a hole for himself. Once DNA indicates the founder of DoD is not a match with Wiley a "GH" mystery will ensue. The custody judge will probably order his own test and viewers know it will also indicate that Shiloh is not Wiley’s dad.

Confusion will abound as Port Charles tried to grapple with this shocking turn of events.

On Monday, a drunken Liesl babbled to Franco about Wiley’s real father and later she was shoved overboard from the Haunted Star. Earlier Brad confided to Julian that Obrecht’s drinking had loosened her lips. Valentin was upset that Nina’s aunt was asking questions about Jerry Jax. Both men were kidding when Liesel was attacked. "General Hospital" is setting the stage for Shiloh to deal with two horrific blows simultaneously. When he confirms he is not Wiley’s father and finds out Harmony betrayed him, it may be more than the cult leader can handle. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to find out what happens next.