Jenna Bush Hager has been a trooper on “Today” ever since her April debut as the fourth-hour co-host. The ink was hardly dry on the new “Hoda & Jenna” studio signs for the home of the partners in Studio 1A when Hoda Kotb was blessed to welcome her second adopted daughter, Hope Catherine. Jenna Bush Hager, along with most of the moms of “Today” who sit at a fancy table, paid warm visits to Hoda and her expanded family.

Jenna Bush Hager was so conscientious of Kotb’s joyous arrival and respect for Kathie Lee Gifford in assuming her new duties that she didn't even reveal her own third pregnancy for weeks, finally having a late April on-air reveal party for the son that she is expecting -- and no doubt counting the weeks until his arrival by now.

The “Today” crew and stage managers have taken care of Jenna, putting a variety of edibles in her wine glass in lieu of the expected beverages. Today, only tissue paper was in her glass. Hager has had a cavalcade of guest host partners, and last week, she even cheered on Willie Geist in the bottle cap challenge.

This morning, July 8, Jenna Bush Hager had double the usual number of co-hosts sitting beside her through the fourth hour, and over the long weekend, the expectant mom posted a beautiful example of her daughters, Mila and Poppy, in full patriotic mode and preparing for their little brother.

A trio of versatile talent

Songwriter and vocalist, Jennifer Nettles, has been on “Today” numerous times both as a performer and a guest-host.

The artist joined Jenna and Hallmark Channel star and advocate mom for autism, Holly Robinson Peete.

A fun round of trivia with the two guest hosts revealed some unexpected surprise. Holly Robinson Peete appeared on the very first “Sesame Street” with her dad, who was Gordon on the educational broadcast. Gordon Robinson endeared himself not only to a generation of young viewers but, of course, to his daughter.

Holly related that when she returned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Sesame Street,” she remembered that she couldn't stop calling her father “Daddy” instead of the character’s name. That completely forgivable misstep likely only made her visit more endearing.

Jennifer Nettles revealed her high school days, showing a photo of her hair in hot rollers, which millions of ladies still recall, if not own.

Nettles is preparing to tour with Sugarland in August, and has an upcoming EP for “I Can Do Hard Things.”

Jenna Bush Hager guessed that it was Nettles who had recorded a song with Prince. That pick is natural, considering the artist’s catalog, In fact, Holly Robinson Peete caught the ear of Prince on her stint on “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” and she got the invitation to record with multitalented, enigmatic Purple One. “I could talk for 40 hours about recording with Prince,” Peete confessed, but the hosts did have a show to do.

Jenna and her partners teamed up for parenting segments on monitoring tech time for children and nurturing the inner alter ego, but when it comes to the Hager daughters, they are already darling and doing their best to prepare to look after a baby.

Red, white, blue, and baby doll

Independence Day is a time to celebrate family as much as it is to celebrate those who protect and defend freedom. Jenna Bush Hager expressed both love of country and her family in a photo shared of her daughters, per July 5 Daily Mail, festooned in glitzy, girly hair bows of red, white, and blue.

Jenna and Maria Shriver hosted a mostly prepackaged Fourth of July for the “Today” broadcast, in line with most of the major networks. Shriver comes from a family line of strong mothers as well.

There was nothing rehearsed by Mila (Margaret) as she cradled younger sister, Poppy’s head in her arm, and clutched a small doll in her lap. Mommy added the hashtag “#practicingforbabybro” to her caption on patriotism.

Jenna Bush Hager is completely candid about the challenges of parenting, but she has just about seven weeks to go before the arrival of her first son, so it's a sweet thing that she will have helping hands of all sizes to help at home. Hoda Kotb will be hanging with guest hosts through that well-earned maternity leave.