"General Hospital" fans have been patiently waiting for quite a while, for two specific storylines to be wrapped up. It looks like the writers are now finally going to address them. On Friday, a distraught Nina apologized to Willow because her actions led Shiloh to Wiley. A Monday preview shows Drew with Jason’s face talking with Shiloh while they served in armed forces together. Both situations will pave the way for much-needed closure. Ms.Tate will be reunited with her birth mother and Andrew Cane will have answers from his former life. This is especially important since Billy Miller is leaving the ABC daytime drama.

'GH' gives Willow proper closure

Willow Tate has had more drama in her short time in Port Charles than some residents have experienced in a lifetime. She believes the child she gave birth to is being raised by Lucas and Brad but her baby died. The man who impregnated her did so by branding her, drugging, her, and raping her as initiation into his cult. Nina and Valentin criticized her and cost her the teaching job she loved. Now she’s about to find out her baby did not live and that Nina is her real mother. On Friday’s "General Hospital" episode the tumultuous relationship with Ms. Reeves reached a turning point which surely is setting up mother and daughter to find each other.

Initially, it looked as though Nina and Willow would find out they were mother and daughter while despising each other.

The women got off to a bad start because Valentin and his wife did not believe Charlotte was bullying Aiden. The last confrontation between them was when Nina overheard Willow talking about giving birth and Shiloh was listening. On Friday Ms. Reeves apologized for her role in the cult leader finding out he has a son. Willow accepted the apology and told Nina that Shiloh was going to find out eventually.

It looks like "General Hospital" writers have decided for the women to find out they are mother and daughter with less animosity between them.

Drew may be recovering his memories

General Hospitalspoilers from Soap Dirt indicate that Drew is going to attack Shiloh this week. A promo for Monday shows Andrew when he looked like Jason, having some kind of encounter with Shiloh while both were serving their country.

It’s not clear who is having the memory but if it is Andrew Cane, perhaps he is about to recover his past without affecting his recent memories. The questions related to why the cult leader is interested in him may soon be answered.

Last week spoiler alerts from “General Hospital” confirmed that Billy Miller is leaving the ABC daytime drama. It would be natural to wrap up his past before his character Drew leaves Port Charles. Be on the lookout for updated information regarding Willow and Drew and continue watching each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST. Things are going to become more complicated before it’s all worked out.