"General Hospital" has been dropping the names of Cassandra Pierce and Jerry Jax quite a bit lately. On Tuesday, Curtis found a file that Jasper Jax had on Ms. Pierce and Obrecht mentioned a connection she had with Jerry. It could be that both of these villains may be headed back to Port Charles. When asked how she knew the wayward Jax sibling, Liesl said that everyone who ever worked for Helena Cassadine had crossed paths at one time or another. She also lamented the fact that she has no one to love and hold her, which could suggest a romantic entanglement is in her future.

Perhaps she and Jerry have some unfinished business and may pick up where they left off years before.

'General Hospital' name dropping may or may not mean anything

"General Hospital" characters have been talking about Nikolas Cassadine for more than two and one-half years but he has not returned to Port Charles. The dark prince does have a son, sister, mother, cousins, and friends, but Jerry only has his brother Jax and their relationship is not that close. Cassandra has no permanent ties so that the constant mention of their names probably means something. It's possible there is a link between all of the aforementioned persons and it will soon come to light.

Keeping Nikolas in mind, all the name dropping may not mean a thing, but then again it could.

A drunken Obrecht wishing for love and admitting she knows Jerry is probably not a coincidence. It appears that "General Hospital" may be taking the same steps to increase ratings as did "The Young and the Restless." The CBS Soap increased air time for veteran actors and began bringing favorite characters back to Genoa City.

“GH” recently made Mac interim police commissioner, is about to have Robert serve as DA and the writers are giving more air time to Felicia, Bobby, and Scott.

Jerry and Obrecht spell trouble in Port Charles

Obrecht was drunk during the celebration on the Haunted Star and mentioned Wiley’s birth father to Franco. An unknown person was lurking in the shadows and later Liesl was pushed overboard.

Valentin, Brad, and Julian all were missing during the time Liesl was dunked in the water. The implication is that one of them may have tried to shut her up. If all the talk about Jerry means he may come back to Port Charles there will surely be a reconnection with Obrecht and the dots will probably lead to Cassandra and or something Helena set in motion.

"General Hospital" May even give Liesel and Jerry a romantic past together and let them become involved in the here and now. All of this is pure speculation but if the prodigal Jax brother does show up in Port Charles and has any dealings wi h Obrecht, it can only spell trouble. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update what is going on with Jax and Liesel and continue watching your favorite CBS daytime drama at 12:30 PM EST.