"General Hospital" will be losing Alexis for a season because Nancy Lee Graham is taking a leave of absence. The popular actress is going to care for her 90-year-old mother who is ill. Viewers, however, don’t have to worry because there are several other women in Port Charles who will pick up the slack. The drama began on Monday but heats up Tuesday aboard the Haunted Star. Someone watching Franco talking to his good friend Dr. Obrecht tries to drown Liesel in the harbor, while Kim drugs Drew and attempts to make a baby with him. Hayden has returned to town and is ready to for trouble, as Ava becomes obsessed with contacting Kiki and is enraged when Sybil the psychic seems to lose the connection.

'GH' says goodbye to Alexis for now

"General Hospital" spoilers from Soap Dirt say that Alexis Davis will be missing from Port Charles for a while. Her portrayer, Nancy Lee Grahn has taken a leave of absence in order to help her sister care for their 90-year-old mother. Ms. Grahn’s absence, however, may not take the toll on her fans that might be expected There is a lot of action taking place on the ABC daytime drama right now that is connected to Liz and Franco’s celebration on the Haunted Star. Several other female characters will be involved in storylines that keep viewers glued to their television’s while Alexis is off the canvas.

"GH" viewers may have noticed that the Corinthos and Davis households were absent from the Haunted Star, except for Josslyn who attended, at the last minute, as moral support for Cameron.

There were several storylines set in motion on Lulu’s boat that should keep Alex fans engaged until her return. Kim, Ava, Hayden, and Obrecht are all in situations that are deceptive and could prove dangerous for themselves as well as others.

"General Hospital" showcases Port Charles females

"General Hospital" kicked off four storylines on Monday that will shift into high gear on Tuesday, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

The reason Ava hired psychic Sylvia was to contact Kiki. Ms. Jerome was rattled when, instead, she had details about when she murdered Connie Falconeri. They go through the room on the Haunted Star where Kiki took her last breath and Ava believes she made contact. Something will happen, on Tuesday, to break the connection and Ms.

Jerome’s fury will rattle the psychic. Ava’s guilt needs to be dealt with before she self destructs

Kim is grieving hard for Oscar and CDL says she drugs Drew and tries to get him in bed so she can have another baby. She later apologizes but it’s not known if she is sorry for attempted rape or her if the deed actually took place. Obrecht was pushed off the Haunted Star after confiding in Franco. Spoilers say Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina will spot her in the water and call for help. Liesel Knows two explosive secrets and her life may be in danger until the truth is revealed. Hayden still has not told Finn about his child so she will cause some problems, especially when Anna returns to Port Charles. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.