Erin Krakow projects grace and poise in every setting, whether portraying her beloved character, Elizabeth Thornton on “When Calls the Heart” or the devoted daughter, Sam, in “A Summer Romance,” determined to find a way to spare Walker Ranch from becoming just another tourist resort.

Fans got to see a relaxed and casual Erin Krakow alongside Ryan Paevey last night, July 28, for the Hallmark Channel Summer Nights Preview special. The segment was originally set for July 20 but changed to July 28 about ten days ago.

Looking lovely in delicate floral stripes against her white dress for hosting, or in the playful red print that she danced the night away in with Paevey in their modern Western feature, Erin can pull off any style.

The star was wearing a classic blue velvet dress at a Television Critics Association event for the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, as reported July 28 by Entertainment Tonight. Far deeper than displaying her style, Erin Krakow confirmed her friendship with Lori Loughlin. She also described how romance for Elizabeth would move slowly through the coming Season 7.

Not a queen, but showing a big heart

Erin Krakow humbly deferred being called “the Queen of the Hallmark Channel” during the interview. The star never misses a chance to praise or mention something good about her co-stars or castmates and keeps track of every “When Calls the Heart” cast member’s birthdays.

One of those birthdays Erin remembered on July 28 was Lori Loughlin’s.

“Happy Birthday to my forever friend with a heart of gold. Love you!” captioned the actress for a tender black and white photo.

The Hallmark Channel cut its ties with Loughlin amidst the college admissions scandal, but Erin Krakow still calls Lori “my best, best friend.” Loughlin’s absence from the series certainly doesn't mean absence from the heart for those close to the familiar star on Hallmark networks and her “Full House” ventures.

“I don't know if you can talk about that,” tiptoed the interviewer, and it was clear from Erin Krakow’s face that professional issues regarding Loughlin were difficult. “I miss her,” Erin related, but like the residents of Hope Valley, friends remain loyal through rough times and always believe for better days to come.

Even hunks have to take it slow

When Calls the Heart” has many better days to come, soon to launch into its seventh season and its video-streaming spinoff, “When Hope Calls,” debuting August 30 on Hallmark Movies Now. Krakow already feels that the collaboration between the series is “great” and some “When Calls the Heart” favorites will find themselves dropping by Brookfield and the orphanage started by sisters, Lillian and Grace.

Erin Krakow understands that any great actress leaves fans wanting more, and she wasn't about to explain the lingering gaze of Elizabeth to Nathan at the close of Season 6, but she playfully admit as an executive producer on the drama that it was “a good idea to introduce a couple of hunks” that her character could develop feelings for “down the line.”

Don't expect love to move like a freight train for Elizabeth Thornton.

Showrunners and stars deliberately chose to honor the “love affair between Elizabeth and Jack,” (portrayed by Daniel Lissing, who left the series at the close of Season 5). Erin Krakow doesn't feel that either of her new suitors (Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry) are ready to step in as father figures just yet for her son, Jack.

“I meant it when I said that these romances would blossom “slooowly” for Elizabeth,” stresses the actress. Probing into who the perfect new man will be for Hope Valley’s cherished teacher and single mother will make Season 7 very worthwhile to watch.

True to her Twitter word, puppies closed the night on the Summer Nights Preview special. Talent, cuteness, and beauty, combined with remembering friends, is a formula for a meaningful life for Erin Krakow.