"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers announce a big and unexpected twist. Claire, In fact, will leave the city of Salem. A long time ago, the actress who plays Claire, Olivia Rose Keegan, announced that she would leave "DOOL". Despite everything, fans just regretted it, as they became fond of her during the episodes. Olivia Rose said that Claire's character took an unexpected turn, slipping into madness. However, she added that she had much pleasure in playing this role, having fun even playing the darker and wilder version of Claire.

In the next few "Days of Our Lives" episodes, Claire will no longer be able to bear the brunt of her crimes.

The woman will have a nervous breakdown, which will force her to ask for help. Belle and Shawn will not be in town. As a result, Claire will have to go elsewhere. The most plausible hypothesis is that she will be admitted to a psychiatric institute, with the hope of once again becoming the master of her life. Will it be a final farewell or will we see the crazy Claire again?

Claire's scene

Claire has made many messes in Salem, but she has also been the victim of events that have upset her. How will she get out of the scene? According to Soap Dish, it seems that Claire ends up in a dangerous situation and has to move elsewhere to get the help she needs. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers of the week from 8th July to 12th July say that viewers will see Claire for the last time in the soap opera.

In fact, the woman will greet her friends and family and leave the city forever.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the two most likely hypotheses are two. The first one sees Claire admitted to a psychiatric institute, while the second hypothesis, equally credible, is that she is arrested. According to the latest spoilers, Claire will reveal her secret and this will lead her to slip into the tunnel of madness.

Claire's collapse on 'Days of Our Lives'

In the next "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Claire will have a very dangerous collapse, which will lead to a worsening of her mental health. Belle and Shawn will do their best to try to help her. They will also feel guilty for not being able to support her when Claire needed her most. However, both Belle and Shawn won't be in town when Claire collapses.

At that point, Claire's only option will be to seek help elsewhere, leaving Salem. Belle and Shawn can't help but hope that Claire will return to being the sweet sensitive girl they've met. So there will also be very exciting moments that will make viewers cry. We just have to wait for the next exciting "Days of Our Lives" spoilers with the release of Claire and its unexpected consequences.