Comic-Con attendees were surprised to see Tom Cruise speak and end up releasing the first trailer for "Top Gun" sequel. Cruise made his appearance during Paramount and Skydance's presentation of "Terminator: Dark Fate." It's been a little more than a year, since Tom Cruise teased the start of production for what is now known as "Top Gun: Maverick." Last year, the actual release date for "Top Gun: Maverick" was pushed back to a 2020 release.

With Tony Scott's passing, Tom Cruise brought Joseph Kosinki on board to direct "Top Gun: Maverick," and takes places following the events of "Top Gun." Both Cruise and Val Kilmer will reprise their roles.

Cruise will star alongside Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell and Ed Harris. Fans were surprised seeing the trailer drop at Comic-Con. Not even the diehard fans knew when Cruise would drop the first trailer, and nobody even believed it would be released in Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con.

After 35 years of waiting, Tom Cruise finally delivers a sequel

It's been 35 years, since fans were introduced to Maverick. He felt it was his responsibility to properly deliver a sequel for his fans. "Top Gun: Maverick" appears to be involved with drone technology, which would leave behind navy pilots like Maverick and Iceman. The first trailer really focuses on Harris, who is the commanding officer and recognizes Maverick's talents, but is surprised he is still a pilot and Maverick explains that it's one of life's mysteries.

The trailer also pays homage to the original film. We see Maverick attending a Navy funeral, possibly signaling an emotional send-off for Goose.

Cruise told the crowd in Hall H, that everything in the film is real and that they have been working with the U.S. Navy and wanted to give moviegoers an experience of being inside the plane.

"Top Gun 2" was stuck in development hell as director Tony Scott died in 2012. Cruise then picked Joseph Kosinski to direct the sequel.

'Top Gun: Maverick' facing fierce competition in new age of action films

Cruise and "Top Gun: Maverick" must now compete with an industry that has been taken over by stunt shows, superhero shows and Cruise's own "Mission Impossible" franchise.

The question remains how will the sequel find its own footing above the competition.

Fans know they will get their fill of plane stunts, wild sequences and throwback moments of the original film. Fans will also get to see Maverick and Iceman back in the cockpit. The film will be released next summer on June 26, 2020. Comic-Con continues through the weekend, and fans are expecting to hear some big announcements from other studios including Marvel and possibly Warner Bros./DC.