"General Hospital" devotees have been hoping against hope that Nikolas is still alive for over two and one-half years. When Tyler Christopher wrapped up his stint as Stefan on "Days of Our Lives" the rumor mill went wild with speculation that the dark prince would show up in Port Charles. On Tuesday Ava Jerome set in motion a situation that implies the true Cassadine heir is still alive. After all the fake news of recasts, surely the writers would not prank devoted fans on something so dear to their hearts. Sibley was the psychic who told Ava that she does not sense the spirit of prince Nik on the other side.

'GH' fans never gave up on Nikolas

From the moment Valentin shot him, "General Hospital" viewers believed Nikolas faked his death and was being held somewhere to recover. Ava even thought Patient 6 was her friend in the Russian clinic but he turned out to be Jason. Ms. Jerome, along with Laura and Spencer have continued the mention the Cassadine prince and there were rumors of his return during last years Nurses Ball. Without a body and Valentin acting coy each time his cousin’s name is mentioned, loyal fans of Tyler Christopher continued to believe.

Now, "General Hospital" seems to be setting the viewers up for a glorious Nikolas return, otherwise, they are playing a cruel trick on those who watch the ABC daytime drama.

Of all the people to find out Spencer’s dad is, possibly, still in the land of the living, it’s Ava, the woman he allegedly was protecting when he died. Since he saved Ms. Jerome’s life perhaps it’s fitting that she is the first to figure out that Valentin did not murder Nikolas. If all of this pans out, the faithful fans who never gave up will be richly rewarded.

Ava may not find anyone who believes her

On Tuesday’s episode of "General Hospital," Ava was shocked that Sibley channeled Kiki and distressed that her daughter did not have much to say to her. When the psychic said Kiki was gone, for now, Ms. Jerome told her there was one more person she wanted to apologize to. She asked to be put in contact with the spirit of Nikolas Cassadine but Sibley said she could not pick up that he was in the other realm.

If this was only to tease viewers, there will be a lot of disappointment.

"General Hospital" rumors from Soaps She Knows say that, on Thursday, Ava will seek a second opinion. She may go to a different psychic to attempt to contact Kiki and/or Nikolas again. Rumors from Soap Dirt indicate that it’s time for Ms. Jerome to find herself a new man. Perhaps I’d Nikolas is alive the two of them will finish what they seemed to be starting before he was shot.