"90 Day Fiance" fans heard that Jay Smith turned himself in after a warrant came out for him. It followed an allegation that he violated a PFA filed by Ashley Martson. Shortly after that, a friend of Jay's started a GoFundMe, allegedly to help him pay for a good immigration lawyer. The GoFundMe claimed he was innocent and that the court "dropped the charges." However, Ashley Martson now released a copy of the court docs that showed he was, in fact, found guilty.

The GoFundMe allegedly raising immigration lawyer funds for '90 Day Fiance' star

The GoFundMe is allegedly to help Jay get a decent immigration lawyer.

It explains, "Jay turned himself into authorities Tuesday night with the understanding and intent that he was to see a judge the next morning." It goes on to say that he expected to "be released after the incident regarding a social media post." Additionally, it says, "The judge did release Jay regarding the social media incident and dropped the charge, however...he was immediately turned over to immigration enforcement and is being held in a jail cell as if he is a convicted criminal."

After the fundraiser started, Ashley Martson saw quite a lot of criticism go her way. In an Instagram Story, early July 18, she posted some documents that she says proves Jay actually was found "guilty." She captioned it with, "I'm receiving a lot of messages saying family and side hoes are claiming he wasn't found guilty." She added, "Here you go!

Court docs don't lie. You guys do!" She also said, "Go away now that this sh*t show is finally done with and I can move on." It seems the "90 Day Fiance" star is over everything to do with Jay Smith.

Ashley Martson said the money was not for an immigration lawyer

In the last day or so, "90 Day Fiance" star, Ashley spoke out more about the fundraiser.

In a Celebuzz exclusive, she said, "The GoFundMe was made to pay for a criminal defense attorney to fight a PFA violation.” That's despite the GoFund Me saying it was for an immigration Lawyer. Ashley also noted, "She specifically states the charges were dropped for the PFA on the GoFundMe." Alleging it's all a lie, she added, "We had court today where a judge found Jay guilty of violating the PFA,” Ashley said.

“Everyone who donated money paid for an attorney to try and fight charges of abusing a woman, not to save Jay from deportation.”

Well, it looks like the person raising the funds got it wrong as the document Ashley shared clearly shows the word "Guilty." Also, according to Ashley, the fund's run by a woman who is "currently dating Jay, and works as a stripper in their community." Plus, it seems they dated since January, which means Jay cheated on her yet again. However, despite what people might feel about Jay and Ashley, some people still donate hard-earned money.

GoFundMe reaches $4,135 of $5,000 goal

So far, many people contributed to Jay. Possible they did this because they assumed he was not guilty in the court of violating the PFA.

The photo of the doc that Ashley Martson shared today could be faked, but one wonders if Ashley has the resources and access to skilled forgeries to reproduce this one. What do you think about Ashley Martson releasing court docs proving Jay Smith was found 'Guilty?' Did you donate to the GoFundMe for "immigration" purposes?

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