After a month when season 3 ended, fans are now wondering what will happen in “Riverdale” season 4 following the major cliffhanging finale. Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) mysterious absence posed a lot of questions from his whereabouts to what really happened on that one fateful night. From the looks of it, an investigation will ensue to solve the alleged murder mystery that surprised the many.

The season 3 finale saw the barely clothed Archie (KJ Apa), Veronica (Camila), and Betty (Lili Reinhart) standing around a campfire. The three were discussing not to talk about "that unknown thing" again, the need to wash their hands to remove the blood and burnt their clothes.

But what really intrigued fans was the burning of Jughead’s signature beanie. Hence, some fans thought Sprouse’s character was already killed off or hurt, but it might not be the right time for the 26-year-old star to leave the show. So what really happened?

Jughead to investigate what happened in season 3 finale

According to, Jughead's detective persona will be once again seen in “Riverdale” season 4. The Southside Serpents leader may investigate what really transpired in the previous season finale after some theories emerged that he had either killed someone or blamed for a murder.

There are assumptions Jughead killed someone and Archie, Veronica, and Betty helped him, thus they all had blood on their clothes.

The alleged murder incident might have led for Jughead to hide, so he wasn't seen on that final scene.

So, Jughead may work with his father, FP (Ulrich), in the new season to start an investigation and solve the mystery surrounding the cliffhanging season 3 finale. Also, the upcoming installment may explore whose blood is on their clothes.

Jughead may turn into an investigator

In an interview with PopBuzz, Sprouse revealed he missed seeing his old character from the first season. Viewers first saw the monologue side of Sprouse’s character, and they loved him for it.

The show has been known for its crime undertones that have been displayed by Jughead’s monologues in every episode.

So will it make a comeback in the fourth season?

Sprouse revealed there are too many potentials and interesting narratives in the season that would involve FP and Jughead. The two might team up and be crime investigators in "True Detective" style like a father-and-son duo. Jughead might be the main brain of their team, while FP would be the brawn of the investigation.

Personally, these things are what Sprouse wants to see come “Riverdale” season 4. However, The CW has yet to announce where the new season will take Jughead’s storyline. So far, all fans really care about to see is what really happened to their favorite character.