“The Young and the Restless” may be developing a new love triangle between Chelsea, Adam, and Phyllis. Viewers have been watching sparks fly between the man and woman who are most loathed in Genoa City as they scheme and fight, but when Melissa Claire Egan reprises her role, the former may change things. Legally “Chadam are still married, which makes Chelsea’s relationship with new spouse Calvin Boudreaux null and void. Spoilers say he will show up and have some type of medical episode. Emotions are about to be all over the place and the reason Michelle Stafford reprised her role as Ms.

Summers is about to become crystal clear.

‘Y&R’ brings Chelsea’s husband to Genoa City

’"Y&R” spoilers suggest that a new love triangle may soon be brewing between three unlikely candidates. Soap Dirt and Soaps She Knows, both say when Chelsea returns to Genoa City, her husband Calvin Boudreaux will come with her or soon follow. Spoilers indicate that Ms. Lawson’s current spouse is much older than she is and that he will have a medical emergency while he is in town. His age and his getting sick could be indicators that he could die, which would leave Chelsea free to pursue Nick or Adam. If Calvin lives, then he and his wife are bigamists.

“Y&R” spoilers indicate Chelsea remarried became she believed Adam was dead, but he turned up very much alive a few weeks back.

He has been associating with Phyllis who blackmailed him into allowing her to run Dark Horse. The duo dislike and distrust is each other, which is the ideal setup for a romantic hookup. If Calvin Boudreaux dies, his widow may find herself reconnecting with her former spouse. All the while, the thin line between love and hate between Adam and Phyllis may be crossed.

‘Y&R’ love triangle may soon heat up

”Y&R’ head writer Josh Griffith announced some time back that he had a specific reason for having Michelle Stafford step back into the role of Phyllis and it could be because of her chemistry with Mark Grossman. Phyllis and Adam would not be a long term romance, but for now, they make great frenemies who may end up with benefits.

Chelsea having a much older spouse who adopted Conner sounds like there is much more to her story, and all will most likely be revealed in time.

“Y&R” spoilers have not revealed why Chelsea married a much older man and allowed him to adopt Adam’s son. Her reasons for walking out on Nick, and stealing groom her own company were not explored in detail either. It will be interesting to watch the drama play out between Phyllis, Chelsea, and Adam and see which woman he ends up with. Should his wife side with Nick regarding Christian’s custody, that may be the determining factor. There is always a chance that Chick will get back together instead of Chaddam, which would leave Phyllis and Adam at each other’s mercy.