"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say that Nelle Benson get out of prison. The woman will meet a character who will help her to return to freedom. The first objective of 'crazy Nelle' will be to reunite with her son and take revenge on those who have ensured that she ends up in prison. The twist is near, as Nelle and Shiloh will form a dangerous alliance. We dare not even imagine what they could do together. The head of the DoD and Nelle will not waste time and will put in place a plan to destroy their respective enemies. Port Charles is in danger.

'General Hospital': the dangerous return of Nelle Benson

According to previous news provided by 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', we know that In the Benson will return to sow terror in Port Charles. The actress who plays her, Chloe Lanier, has confirmed her return in the soap "GH", thrilling many fans. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers say that Nelle is expected to return to the city in episodes aired on ABC of the week between 10 and 14 June.

Most likely, Nelle will know someone in jail who will help her escape or otherwise find a way out of jail.However, it is also possible that Nelle finds this mysterious ally outside the prison. Without a doubt, it would be someone who hates the Corinthos clan to death.

Who could he be but Shiloh Archer, the evil leader of the DoD sect? Other "GH" spoilers tease that Shiloh will soon get into trouble with justice because of yet another misdeed. Most likely, Archer will bribe someone to get them out of jail. However, we are sure that the dangerous woman will reappear in Port Charles, terrorizing all those who wanted her in prison.

The peace is over.

Shiloh will want something in return from In the next 'General Hospital' episodes

As we know, Shiloh never gives his help without demanding anything in return. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', the head of the DoD will help In the Benson to get out of prison, but at a high price. Shiloh wants as much as Nelle that the Corinthos be permanently destroyed.

If the two really make an alliance, they'll be serious trouble. It is also possible that Nelle will be forced by Shiloh to enter the DoD. Releasing her from prison would cost her the gift of trust in the DoD.

According to the last "GH" spoilers, in the episode of June 10, Shiloh will be struggling with a new trap. Archer will try to enchant someone with his skillful manipulative arts. After all, Shiloh doesn't know that Willow's child is dead, even though he knows he's the father. In fact, it was Nelle who swapped the cradles before she was arrested. How will Shiloh react when she learns the truth? Nelle's and Shiloh's alliance will surely lead to new dramas and unexpected consequences, as confirmed by the intriguing "General Hospital" spoilers related to the next episodes aired on ABC.