"General Hospital" (GH) rumors say that Kim may want to have a baby with Drew. The woman has not recovered since Oscar Nero's death. She and Drew went to Mount Kilimanjaro to spread the ashes of their son. Subsequently, they returned to the hotel, where Kim fainted. Doctor Kim mistook Drew for Oscar, while she was hallucinating. Drew got scared, of course, as Kim is not well. In the next episodes of the soap opera air on ABC, Kim will reach a place of despair and want another child. On June 25, Kim and Drew will be very close and, in all likelihood, will end up making love.

'General Hospital': Kim thinks about the 'Drewscar' possibility

"General Hospital" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry say that Kim will have a chance to reflect on her life after her altitude sickness. She will think about the possibility of the "Drewscar" and how she could have been happy giving a little brother or sister to Oscar Nero. In the episode of June 18, Kim will have another deep crisis over the death of Oscar. She will then join Drew and, most likely, will tell him that he wants a son from him.

Kim's pain is unbearable and her desire for motherhood will be a desperate attempt to fill the void left by Oscar. Other "GH" rumors, unfortunately, suggest that the hypothesis of having another child will not be Kim's only option.

In their June 11 spoilers, Celeb Dirty Laundry noted that the woman, in fact, devastated by pain, could choose negative coping strategies, such as taking "pills."

'GH' rumors: Julian and Kim distant, Drew possible 'baby daddy'

If Kim really wants a baby with Drew, it's over for them. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Julian could satisfy her by proposing artificial insemination.

In this way, Kim's wish could be fulfilled. Julian, however, will feel betrayed by Kim, since she could have asked him for a child. However, Julian knows that Kim is fragile and a refusal could cost her dearly.

Latest "GH" rumors also say that Kim and Drew will get very close in the episode of June 25. Most likely, the two will end up letting go and making love.

Other unmissable events will upset Port Charles. Nelle will forge a dangerous alliance with Ryan, while Shiloh will be closer to the truth about Willow Tait's son. In addition, a mysterious character will arrive played by veteran actress Veronica Cartwright, linked to the dark past of Ava Jerome.