Long-time Los Angeles rival gangs, Crips and Bloods, have reportedly come together in unity after Nipsey Hussle's murder. Their feuds have been decades-long and driven over a lost sight of the organizations' original purposes. They were never intended to be "gangs." Instead, they were developed to help and protect Black communities and neighborhoods in LA against what was happening to Blacks in America during that time. Nevertheless, in the name of Nipsey Hussle, the groups have come together with a peace treaty, hoping to be an extended one, according to TMZ.

Nipsey Hussle's death will not be in vain

According to TMZ, the rival gangs (along with others from the LA area) reportedly met up at a nearby grocery store. The source states it was approximately three blocks from Nipsey's Marathon Clothing store. The objective was to march together to Hussle's complex in unity as the first signs of the peace treaty. The source notes that their march showcased an example of their love, together, for Nipsey Hussle.

"We're told the march was set in motion Thursday evening when gang leaders from Watts, Compton, LA, and Inglewood all met up to discuss a cease-fire," TMZ reports.

During this meeting between Crips and Bloods, they reportedly discussed putting their guns down and working on more unity among one another.

While it's been a long-fought feud and might not happen overnight, gang leaders have sent out the word to several neighborhoods regarding their honor towards Nipsey Hussle.

TMZ talked with gang leader "Big U" about the peace treaty. According to him, a time limit wasn't discussed in the matter. Given the senseless killings that have taken place due to gang violence for the last 30 years, it'd be amazing if this truce were purely indefinite.

If you haven't been following Nipsey Hussle's murder story

NRP Org reported on the case, stating that alleged killer Eric Holder crept up on Nipsey in front of his Marathon Clothing store and opened fire. Reportedly, Hussle was shot four times in the chest and once in the head. Yet, in light of limited evidence, the case has been getting more weird by the day.

The camera situation, alone, is enough to question the case's real motive.

Although video of Nipsey Hussle's murder was released, it was from an adjacent parking lot. All the while, Hussle had several surveillance cameras around his store where he was shot. None of that footage has been released.

Then in latest developments, famed O.J. Simpson prosecutor Chris Darden has reportedly been hired to defend Nipsey Hussle's alleged shooter. That brings up another question. Who is footing the bill for Eric Holder's celebrity defense? If you're not questioning this case by now, there are facts presenting themselves that can't simply be ignored away.

There are people saying Chris Darden is defending the alleged killer of Nipsey Hussle "pro bono." Of all people killed either by police brutality or the evil of racism, why wouldn't Darden choose to represent one of those high-profile cases?

Instead, this is the one? This is the case he wants to take "pro bono?" And he's taking the defense of Nipsey's alleged killer, no less.

Really ask yourself: Why would this famed O.J. Simpson prosecutor choose to represent a regular dude from the hood nicknamed "S***ty," who's been eye-witnessed as the shooter, and has an alleged track record of violence? Can you truly say it all makes sense?

While you allow that to marinate, if you're interested in additional footage from the march, feel free to check out the video below.