Mick Jagger shows what show business is all about, especially when it is a band like The Rolling Stones. The band's nearly half-a-century old and its lead singer is none other than the 75-year-old legend, Mick Jagger. He was there at Soldier Field in chicago to fulfill his promise of completing the tour that had to be postponed due to his illness. That is now history because he appeared hale and hearty and there was no trace of anything wrong. It was his return to the stage following heart surgery and his activities on stage belied his age as he was his usual self, running and skipping along the narrow stage.

The Guardian reports that Mick Jagger ensured The Rolling Stones left their mark at the launch of their North American tour at Soldier Field in Chicago. Three months back, doctors diagnosed him with a heart problem. They told him he needed medical treatment and advised postponement of the tour. He followed their advice and overcame the temporary setback.

The legend wows the audience

Heeding the medical advice, Mick Jagger went to New York where he underwent replacement of a heart valve.

Subsequently, he took rest and is back in action determined to complete the "No Filter" Tour. His appearance at Soldier Field was the first major concert since the diagnosis. The tour was to start on April 20 in Miami but the schedule was upset because of the condition of his heart. At the time he tweeted - “I’m devastated for having to postpone the tour but I will be working very hard to be back on stage as soon as I can.”

The Guardian adds that he has kept his word.

In Chicago, he opened the concert with two of his much-loved songs. Before beginning the third song, he said, “It’s great to be back at Soldier Field – for the eighth time.” The tour would proceed as per a revised schedule and there will be a second show at Soldier Field on Tuesday.

A memorable performance by Mick Jagger

According to CNN, the program in Chicago was a memorable performance by Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones.

The singer is 75 years old and it did not show. He has had a splendid recovery after heart surgery. That was evident from the way he danced on the stage as he sang. His fans arrived in thousands to enjoy the occasion. One of them described him on Twitter as "No sign of Jagger illness here. Jagger being Jagger." Chicago was the first stop of the US tour of The Rolling Stones, which was supposed to begin April 20 in Miami Gardens, Florida but was postponed because of Mick’s heart surgery. The band first formed in 1962 and earned nominations for 12 Grammy Awards, winning three. They are there in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mick welcomed his eighth child in 2016 with his girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick and he is not just a grandfather but also a great grandfather. He earned the distinction in 2014.