Beth Chapman is reported to be in a medically induced coma in ICU. Duane 'Dog' of "Dog The Bounty Hunter" asked people to pray for Beth, his beloved wife. He took to Twitter to thank people for their prayers. Beth's been fighting her cancer her own way, and many people already pray for her. On his social media, people reacted with love and concern at the news

'Dog The Bounty Hunter' star, Beth Chapman gets lots of prayers

Over on Twitter the news that Beth's in a medically induced coma obviously made people more afraid for her. The "Dog the Bounty Hunter" star has been fighting for life.

She refused traditional chemo and painkillers, trusting to God to help her. Many people pray for Beth. In fact, some of the groups on social media do only that. Other people, in their thousands, pray for Beth all the time and send best wishes to her. She' been quite active on social media lately, pushing the upcoming show "Dog's Most Wanted."

However, she's probably exhausted. Her photos on Instagram show her looking absolutely stunning but tired, a bit frail and almost ethereal. When 'Dog' posted up he did not say if the hospital would bring her back out the coma. Hawaii News Now reminded followers of Beth Chapman that she "underwent successful surgery for throat cancer in 2017.

But last year, doctors told her the cancer had returned and she underwent emergency surgery in November to remove a tumor in her throat."

Prayers, please says Duane 'Dog'

'Dog' and Beth have been using their faith and a lot of effort to get through this trying time.

Filming and looking after Beth, saw her post up a photo of Duane on her Instagram. So lovingly, she noted he hardly sleeps as he watches over her. That's a tear-jerker. So, right now, fans of the WGNA show, "Dogs Most Wanted," know Duane's there, right there for her praying even as they do.

On his Twitter, Dog wrote, "Please say your prayers for Beth right now thank you love you." He didn't hang about to elaborate, so if you are not saying a prayer, send some love his way.

Of course, fans reacted to the news about Beth Chapman. Some of them believe Beth may even pass away, while others hope they are just letting her rest and recover from her amazing fight against her cancer.

Fans react to Beth Chapman in ICU in a coma

Fans of Beth Chapman quickly responded to the call for prayers by Duane. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @squ**: "Prayers are with your whole family!! She is so strong, but she is tired. Embrace and comfort each other and know she is doing it her way. Love yall!!"
  • @Mar**: "Please don’t let our angel fly just yet we still need her ferocity, and strength to be with her now."
  • @Uni**: "Dear Heavenly Father I pray tonight that you wrap your arms around Beth & give her comfort, love, support but most importantly help her body beat this cancer! Beth is a mom, Grandma & wife & an Awesome Bounty Hunter & her work here is not done. She has more lives to touch!!"

There were very many more prayers and wishes posted.

Do you love Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and Beth Chapman? If you can, will you say some prayers for her recover in ICU after her medically induced coma?

Remember to check back with the Reality TV Channel on Blasting news for more news about Beth Chapman. I pray it will be good news.