Age is no problem for Sir Mick Jagger. He is the frontman of the Rolling Stones and, at the age of 75, is full of energy. He is recuperating from heart surgery that had forced postponement of a tour of the iconic band to the US and Canada. However, Mick has gone back to his guitar and released a song via an Instagram video. He underwent the surgery in early April, and his mannerisms in front of the camera remain unchanged. It includes his trademark snarl. It was proof that he has not lost touch with reality and was fast returning to normalcy.

Daily Mail UK reports Mick Jagger is serious about the forthcoming tour of North America.

His on-stage performance can compete with anyone half his age. His signature dance moves are a treat to watch and reveal his ability to keep the audience on their toes. His teenage 19-year-old son Lucas was present on the occasion and he, along with the iconic singer’s fans, were floored.

His focus is on the tour

Mick Jagger is concentrating on the tour that had to be put on hold because of his health issues. He wants to resume the tour with the Rolling Stones in the US and Canada.

The icon is delighted at his recovery and feels as fit as a fiddle. His Doctors are also satisfied with his progress and certified his fitness. In their opinion, Mick’s discipline in food habits helped the speedy recovery. The health scare was a wakeup call and Mick responded admirably. He took things easy, rested and enjoyed time with his near and dear ones.

Daily Mail UK goes on to elaborate on the surgery that Mick Jagger underwent. It pertained to the heart valve and was a relatively new technique pioneered by Professor Alain Cribier. It does not involve any opening up of the chest and local anesthesia is enough.

Hence, recovery is fast. Heart problems in elderly persons usually arise when the valve narrows and hardens with calcium deposits. There are thousands of open-heart surgeries performed every year but Mick opted for the new technique.

Mick Jagger is back in action

According to People, Mick Jagger appears to have returned to form after undergoing the health procedure in New York. To prove his fitness, the 75-year-old musician posted a video on social media. It was a 30-second clip and highlighted his legendary guitar skills. The song appears to be a new one by the Rolling Stones and shows Mick’s desire to get back on stage. The band has announced their revised tour schedule. It will begin at Soldier Field in Chicago on June 21st and include a brand new date in New Orleans.

The North American leg will start in Chicago and end in Miami on August 31 covering all the important venues. Obviously, Mick and his band are hot favorites even today which speaks a lot about their fan following.